Now, I understand

I know what he’s thinking, I understand now.

How often have you thought to yourself … I know, just by looking into their eyes, what he or she is thinking, by simply observing body language.

Have you ever said to yourself:

 ‘I wish I had the words?’

Only to find out that none were required, a simple action was enough. Whether that’s a nod or a shake of the head, we understand on an intimate level at times where words are simply not required.

This moment of telepathy usually occurs with those you know particularly well. It may be a partner, child or even a pet and more often than not this moment of instantaneous understanding between humans is overlooked as simply ‘co-incidence.’

Wouldn’t it be fabulous if world leaders could communicate, engage and mutually understand through telepathy? If people had the time and ability to express how they truly felt if the population could send messages straight to the top without the diatribe and red tape that confines the clarity of sanity…

Fleeting moments of profound communication are wonderful for the soul and are just as essential for the business to understand don’t you think?

So, Ben had been having troubles with his presentations. Or he thought he was having trouble … he felt the message just wasn’t coming out of his mouth.

‘So much to say and unable to say it.’

Take your time to deliver Ben, be specific when offering the message, presentation jitters come to all of us at some point and although we have not yet mastered the telepathic message as some have with text or email, once people understand that you are comfortable and wholly committed to your cause, your message will soon become clear.

It is then we find that people do business with who they understand, those they know, like and trust … almost telepathically.

Comfortable vs remarkable

‘Hey Charlie, I think I’m getting comfortable with this networking ‘thing’ now. I do understand when you say that it’s all about spending time, being familiar with the expectation, you’re right, it takes a while.’

Good things take time Ben …

the key is to stay the course and following through.

‘Well, I’m managing the routine now, gradually booking the appointments and I’m learning, so feeling happier.’

I can tell that Ben, just by you opening up and discussing the situation tends to show you are growing in confidence, understanding the process.

‘The process?’

The referral process. This is your ‘realisation,’ Ben, others are beginning to appreciate you as they see you grow, they come to understand your character, ask your advice and how you work. Just as you do with others.

Just now is the start of the process.

Continue with the visibility, book the meetings, the one to one and understand your marketplace. Learn from others and keep the antenna flying for possible introductions for others. The more you help, the better your ‘bizability.’

‘But I’m just getting comfortable Charlie, I’m happy where I am now.’

Where you are is great Ben. Not too comfortable now though because ‘comfortable’ brings stagnation and this is something that should never happen within your network.

Stay the course Ben, follow through, continue your path. If you are happy then the ‘process’ is working.

Next step is to begin to lose the comfort zone Ben… go the extra mile and actively pursue business on behalf of others – don’t just wait for it to happen, be the referral process you would like to see happening for you.

Nothing remarkable ever comes from being comfortable …

The Moon and the Stars

yours with …

Amanda Morley


Aries 20th March -19th April

You have felt very let down by others and yet in other ways you do not blame them. This the is the very beginning of self-questioning a practice that taken to extremes can leave us going around in circles and actioning nothing! Fortunately, highly unlikely for an Aries. Still this month’s tricky aspects will make you question your own motives and actions and maybe that is not all bad! Saying and doing something is one thing. Understanding is another. Forgiveness must truly start with the self

Thought for the Month ‘A time for everything and everything must have its time’


Taurus April 19th April – 20th May

Tolerance has been your name for some time now. A difficult person has been just eating away at your confidence and you have just had to sit down and take it. Now however the tide is turning. As Venus, your ruler returns to your sign you gather momentum to follow your own dreams and instead of finding resistance you manage to move forward. The thing to do now is to only do what you enjoy and to give the other stuff little or no importance. Life is full of choices, make yours good ones.

Thought for the Month ‘A gift is only a gift when you accept it’


Gemini May 20th- June 20th

With your ruling planet, Mercury in your sign and a Full Moon conjunct Saturn in your house of partners you can expect sudden revelations. The Rose will come out of those tinted spectacles. Still in a good way. Suddenly you will know just how to clear the debris away and you will. The world had better prepare itself for the changes but, you can be certain that you will enjoy those changes to the full! This is the perfect time to put ideas into action, to set new goals and to love yourself anew. Just do it!

Thought for the Month ‘Start with the end in mind’


Cancer June 20th – July 22nd

Early month brings others close to you some tension. However, planets are aligning to bring you just the opposite! In fact, Mars in your sign gives you energy to push forward with some new ideas. The Sun and Mercury help you communicate those ideas well and have the momentum to push them forward, and finally a New Moon in your sign on the 24th helps you roll out your own personal revolution and success story! So, do not be distracted or deterred just shine as only you know how to…

Thought for the Month ‘Seize the day’


Leo July 22nd – August 22nd

In recent times, you have taken many risks and this is a progressing theme. The problem with this however is that risks also cause us to worry and worrying is really a fruitless activity that solves nothing. Keep this in mind this month when the heavens invite you to try your luck. With Jupiter moving direct in your area of resources and self-esteem you are due for some luck and some boosting in these areas. Therefore, do not let other problems dampen your gusto. Take a chance and enjoy benefits.

Thought for the Month ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again’


Virgo August 22nd – September 22nd

Being a perfectionist you often view others with a judge sitting on your shoulder. While you may say nothing, and remain polite, or not depending on the circumstances, you are one of the 93 percent who feels that are smarter or better than others! Imagine a world where we accepted there is no wrong or right way just a different way. Imagine a world also where we expected the best from others and we got it! Rather than where we anticipate the worst. All things are possible now!

Thought for the month ‘Be careful what you wish for’


Libra September 22nd – October 23rd

Everything has been confusing and it feels like time and life is moving so fast, it is! There have been difficult people and situations to deal with. While it seems that now would be a great time to discuss differences it probably won’t happen. Not to worry. With Mars moving to address work life balance you will remain very busy. Also, Jupiter in now moving direct on June 9 and a Full Moon conjunct Saturn you can expect shifts in thinking. The time has never been better to address your own needs.

Thought for the Month ‘You cannot love others unless you first love yourself’


Scorpio October 23rd – November 21st

There is internal conflict in parts of your life path, and career that have not be entirely as you would have liked. On one hand, you want to be that ambitious successful person and on the other you like to all things to all people at home. It is a balancing act! Still maybe now with so much up in the air and at stake you should ask yourself honestly what you are getting out of both those scenarios taken to extreme? An opportunity is available now for you but you must really want it, and go for it!

Thought for the Month ‘Where there is a will there is a way’


Sagittarius November 21st – December 21st

With so much in transition now it probably feels as if there is no certainty, there isn’t! Still you have a choice you can fret about it or you can recognise that life is a journey and not a destination. A Full Moon conjunction with Saturn in your sign around the 9th brings tensions to a head. There is a veil of seriousness but the truth is life is changing all the time. Later in the month your focus will shift to long term goals the trick is to keep it simple but focus on what matters. Then just go with the flow.

Thought for the Month ‘Everything looks better in the morning’


Capricorn December 22nd – January 20th

This is a month of change and you are likely to be swept along with the speed of things. However, now as in the past you are often tempted to jump from a frying pan into the fire! This month with so much on offer be sure that all that glitters is not gold. Also, even if you find yourself reading this and thinking astrology is rubbish! Remember that some decisions have far reaching implications look before you leap, and resist the temptation that anything is better until you review all the facts.

Thought for the Month ‘Act in haste repent at leisure’


Aquarius January 20th – February 19th

Now for you is a time of action. There has been much deliberation and nothing has been done. This in your opinion is half the problem and you are not wrong! So, don’t talk, do! And don’t think, act! Once you do everyone will see the answer to the problem has been starring them right in the face. Better still you will be recognised and appreciated by those who can make a positive difference. While things may be better changed in stages you can see how to do it so, show others your talents!

Thought for the Month ‘Fortune favours the brave’


Pisces February 19th – March 20th

With so much upheaval going on around you in the world it is good to say that this is a positive month for you. As doors close for others, opportunities arise for you. This is not only positive it is thrilling! For this reason, you are one of the signs that should really take every opportunity and idea and run with it! These have been tumultuous times but it is fair to say that despite the apparent gloom we are heading for more settled times but not right away. Therefore, enjoy this month and dream big dreams.

Thought for the Month ‘Never say never’

So, how was it for you?

Talk about

Talk about others. It’s great for business.

Referrals are something we all aspire to, some of us go out of our way to cultivate the new business by doing all the ‘stuff’ we’re told by the gurus, those abundant soothsayers and community influencers.

So what happens when you do all that which you’re supposed to be doing only to find that the recommended ground work is just not working, literally, the only new life you’re hearing are those crickets again … away in the distance …

Let’s get unselfish. Good business comes our way when we stop worrying about why it’s not coming our way – have you noticed that?

Try this, it works for me, it may not be right for you just now but just give it a go – after all, it’s just those pesky crickets, right?

Each of us in business knows lots of other people, some we see more often than not and of course, it’s natural that those we do see most regularly are those we tend to want to help when required.

‘Help? Ok, but how?’ I hear you ask

Simply talk about them. Spread a little good news about your mates.

For instance, when you meet up with a friend and they ask:

‘How’s it going, what have you been up to?’

Avoid dwelling on me, me, me for just a minute …

Try telling them you met up with a great professional the other morning, someone who has a unique line of business and someone you would highly recommend.

Give them a reason why your mate is so referable. Talk them up, shine the light and really give your friend a reason to make mental notes as you both discuss …

‘OK, so I talk them up, but how is this helping me?’

Bear with me. Chances are the next conversation your friend has with you in mind he is going to also mention your recommended new best friend – he’s going to mention your mate and of course he’s going to talk about you, your business, how he knows what it is you do, and how well connected you really are.

Word of mouth, let’s not underestimate the power of a good conversation – especially when you are talking about someone … behind their back!

You. The Individual

It’s been 12 weeks since Ben asked me to help with his individual ‘offer.’

He has worked hard in the transition from back-room support act to become Managing Director of the family firm, the organisation that had earned his mum and dad a reputable business, a healthy clientele and a good living.

We had just left a brand new prospect for business. ‘Smithy’ and his board, are now asking for more. More on prices, more about deadlines and more about styles from Ben’s bespoke product range – always a sign of good things to come.

So I thought.

No regrets, no more looking back Ben?

‘I do understand the legacy I’ve inherited Charlie although I’m all too aware that I’m not my father! I feel inadequate that I can’t deliver his depth of knowledge, his connectivity or the rapport that I feel I need to deliver on behalf of those prospects looking for more.’

Ben, who was that in there? Smithy and his team don’t even know your father, they know the family reputation and now it’s all about you! Just have faith in the follow-up and your abilities.

Bring the individual offer to the table, be prepared to make stupid mistakes, do boring stuff, make idle conversation and be the difference that separates you and dad.

Self-confidence comes with the qualification of success Ben, you are certainly not your father (a strong character with an overriding presence) and although you should, of course, follow his example … it’s equally important to develop your own persona – clients like ‘Smithy’ are indeed asking for more, that’s great – more from Ben, no-one else.

Your existing customers already know the company, right?

The exciting thing is, after three short months they’re starting to get to know you now Ben – just as you are finding your feet, your own network is learning too. Be different … please … try NOT to fit in, you don’t have to ‘fit in’ everywhere, right?

It’s ok to be individual Ben, don’t compare yourself to anyone else, they just don’t come close.

People buy from people, be the change you represent and people will love you for it.

He’s no one hit wonder


Ben, it’s great to hear you enjoyed the holiday. Welcome back.


“Thanks, Charlie, I did enjoy the time away from the factory, I took the opportunity to do a lot of thinking …”

Holidays are good for thinking Ben, have another biscuit with the tea … what do we need to discuss?

Ok, I’m thinking of offering our tailor made line online, you know, the additional income stream you talked about? Networking is great although I’m not getting a lot of ‘hits’ with my engagement – any reason why do you think?”

Hits Ben? The online store is a great idea …

The efforts you put into your business, your people and your network are a progressive development of the ‘reliable, dependable, Ben.’ It’s about you becoming the person your contacts can rely on, not only for the so-called ‘hits’ but for direction, advice and support.

Sure, you will find and always welcome the odd single order for your fine, bespoke footwear although is that the end game here?

What do you mean? Of course, I want orders, that’s what I’m networking for isn’t it?”

Ben, anyone can buy a pair of shoes that suit the budget, we get free financial advice, accountancy solutions or websites in a box, logos for not much more than a fiver, it’s all ‘out there’ Ben.

The meaningful partnerships in business surpass all of the above. The reason those ‘in the know’ are networking is the fact that the road to fruition is that much shorter with the help of our colleagues. Even if your network is the slow-burn, the odd order here, the single referral there … think about what you are cultivating Ben.

Your scope of contacts – even over a short time networking while developing the relationships and trust is enormous. Think of the connections others have and who they are able to refer you to given the relationship. Never underestimate leverage. Think also of the advice and support, the range of services at your fingertips for the sake of caring about others a couple of hours per week.

It’s not about the ‘hits’ Ben, it’s about your leverage and quality of connections, who knows you and who may then introduce you to others.

Have faith Ben, you are no ‘one hit wonder.’

So, what else did you do on holiday apart from thinking about work?

Be you, get naked


‘We become part of the company that we keep, that’s for sure.’


I was having a conversation with a friend as we walked the local beach the other day. Brendon was up for the holiday and we were reminiscing somewhat. The dogs were doing their doggy thing and the wind was howling, but hey …

Brendon was telling me about a mutual friend, someone who was so busy playing catch-up through his social media accounts, he’d forgotten to live the life.

It’s not that Brendon was feeling neglected, it was, in fact, the understanding that our mutual friend was shadowing the life others, being led through a series of likes/follows/retweet/shares, whatever else.

So why do you think that is Brendon? Is it ‘the business he pursues?’

‘Undoubtedly it’s business but there is something else Charlie. I say that because he just does not see the good around him, what he has already, ‘it’s as if he is missing out if he’s not in touch.’

I kind of agreed, and I said so. We are all aware of the potential for new business with most entrepreneurs on-line and looking for the opportunity we’re surely missing one important point, aren’t we?

The news is in fact you.

It’s not what others have or what they offer or might do or save or sell or enhance …

Let’s use the social for what it is – as a sounding board for flavours. We need to offer our own newsworthy flavours and if we are to embrace the net for what it’s worth – let’s make it work for us and stop simply being ‘there’ for everyone else. Resist the temptation to be first, the envy that comes with missing out on the latest pic., the conversation. Be you.

So … what’s holding him back?

Most likely fear I said, fear that he won’t make it, anxiety that he is not ‘one of them’ and fearful that if he tries to be so and offers naked ambition, he may not be seen at all.

Hey, why be led by the flow of popular opinion when you have so much individuality to share with others? Show me a room full of naked ambition (ok, transparent then) individuals who are happy to confront their fears, those who are happy with that. Give me that option anytime.


The dog had demonstrated her own needs and as I bent toward the sand to clean up after her I realised what I had become myself …

No, I can see what you are saying, right now is not my true vocation …

I could see what Brendon meant now. I could relate to that, I’d become a product of my own network. We are what we practice, the reality is, we become part of whom we spend the most time with.

Don’t we?