Your story?

So, what’s your story?

How do you, stick in the mind?

All around us, media often appears full of ‘stuff’ designed ~ just for you ~ right at ‘peak times,’ perhaps the ‘stuff’ hits you just before you jump in the car and head off to the office … over the car radio, during lunch break, the commute home maybe. Everywhere there are stories to stick in your face so that it’s stuck in your mind.

So, the way I see it, being sticky can be useful if we are to be successful in business life. Business/life, closely aligned, right?

Think about how people remember you. What do they recall of you when next you catch up or more importantly when they meet up with mutual friends at the regular network soirée?

Being a witness to the conversation, would it be something you’d expect? Are you remembered as being the best that you can be?

The thing is, every interaction we have with someone leaves an impression, sometimes a lasting one. So for me (I know this is also true for many of my close friends), it’s important that MY STORY is a faithful representation of what others expect of me, each time we meet up.

Why? Because each of us is our own mini media outlet.

‘What?’ I hear you say, just hang on a minute, bear with me for a second …

It’s true. What kind of sticky are you? What stories do you conjure, what memories evoked, how do people see you in their life? It’s just the same as that current ‘hot’ company vying for your time and attention before you’ve even ordered the best-ever morning coffee and … the cake!

Showing kindness on a regular basis is important. Agreed. Love? That’s a no-brainer for me as well, but in today’s ‘circus’ of life … if we are to really embrace the power of relationships, affinity and trust let’s leave the right messages out there. Better still, let’s ensure our closest allies see our true colours and have every chance of passing the message that YOU and your story are that which is best remembered, most easily referred.

December, morning coffee…

It was a typically dark, cold December morning and I was more than pleased when Natasha (and coffee) arrived, just as I surveyed the setting for today’s business over breakfast.

We wouldn’t be alone for long though, as approaching headlights suggested the first of our company this morning were on their way.

Nice and early Martin!’ I said, glancing at the clock on the clubhouse wall, 06.45.

Courtesy of the ‘Missus,’ Charlie. My car had broken-down over the weekend so Sue and the kids kindly offered a lift, they needed to be at school early anyway … I’ll be meeting ‘Bruce the garage’ here as he’s running me back after today’s meeting to attend the vehicle.

‘Sounds like a plan Martin.’

The tail-lights of ‘taxi Sue’s’ car receded in the distance, dawn was finally on its way as were others for our weekly business meeting.

Even in the midst of winter, we enjoyed a good attendance, plenty of interaction, lots of  discussion, the business flowed and with a near full-house … apart from ‘Bruce the garage.’

Martin had received a message to say he’d been called out for ‘an emergency’ and that he’d be in touch asap.

‘The best-laid plans eh, Martin?’

Any chance of a lift over my way Charlie?

Among those at the meeting, someone managed the lift Martin needed with an added bonus … the driver knew he could hook-up Martin with an alternative local garage – a ‘start-up’ looking for more business so it wasn’t long before Martin was back on the road and ‘taxi Sue’ back in the old routine.

‘Bruce the garage’ had left an impression, sadly nothing to enamour his reputation as the ‘go to’ service either.

Today in business, relationships matter. Even more so if you are a service provider, business is personal. It’s not what you have or what you can do that impresses your next best client, it’s how you relate.

Better together


Bob arrived, pulled up a chair and reclined with a cup of what appeared to be hot chocolate …

‘So, what do you say, Bob? I asked.’


Getting good players is easy. Getting those good players to play together is the hard part.” 

It’s so true don’t you think? A quote by Casey Stengel, I thought this was ‘right up our street.’ Just about sums up the development of our referral network, don’t you think?

‘A good one Bob, yes, I like this one as well, collaboration is a huge part of the business. Especially so for the small business.

OK, I get that, what do you say though, when you meet someone who doubts the value of collaboration?

‘It depends on circumstances Bob, we’re all different, aren’t we? Some don’t value it. Others may be wary of the thought of relinquishing the reins of business, perhaps it’s uncomfortable for them. Some of us fear ‘control’ may be lost when meeting new people, developing those new relationships and trust.

Being aware that we are working for ourselves is great for the soul. No matter whether you’re employed, or whether you have your own business Bob. I remember that as soon as I understood the value, of sharing views and opinions outside of the workplace, the sooner I learn to embrace the opportunity and many benefits good relations bring through my network, the human collateral. We’re never truly ‘going it along.’

Sharing the wear?

‘Sharing the chocolate perhaps? Yes, that’s about it, although in my case? More like taking my head out of the sand.

So networking is not about money?

‘Bob, the value of collaboration goes beyond ‘making money’… through collaboration we learn to think differently, we’re inspired while educating and sharing strengths. Networking is the opportunity to develop strong connections with ready-made marketing expertise, finance wizards, creatives and much more. All developed through networking. We’re richer before we know it.

So, engaging others makes you more profitable?

‘We’re immediately better off when we meet someone new Bob. By making the human connection, by offering help and support when required – and not simply at a professional level … networking is hugely educational and can help solve many doubts and dilemmas, even before they materialise.

Henry Ford said it best.

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is success.”

My quote is better though Charlie.

‘Better together, Bob.’

It’s your horoscope



Your December is in the stars … with Genie


ARIES  Decompress with your favourite buddies around the December 3 full moon. There may be a lot of big name, exciting, and exotic entertainment available, but sometimes it’s better to just chill with your faves. At the new moon on the seventeenth, the world may be too small for you. Let yourself be surrounded by people and soak up their enthusiasm and wonderful, wild ideas. It’s more than just the holiday season. It’s an explosion of the love of life. The Mars-Neptune trine on December 27 pours some emotional magic into the end of the year for you and a special someone.
Standout days: 6, 9, 13
Challenging days: 1, 21

TAURUS – The full moon on December 3 could bring money your way. It could come from afar or even from people you barely know. There may also be plenty of advice that comes with it, but you know your own mind. You have all the answers at the new moon on the seventeenth. A variety of people and problems may come to you for solutions, and you will have them. It will be easy, too. Have fun being the expert. The Venus-Saturn conjunction on December 25 mellows out the hectic days behind you. Appreciate hearing from older relatives and long-time friends.
Standout days: 15, 20, 28Challenging days: 10, 24

GEMINI – Mercury goes retrograde on December 2. Slow down and stay organized. The full moon on December 3 is shining for you. Partners and loved ones think the world of you and want to show you more of their world. You don’t have to do anything special or clever. They find you charming. Just so you know. On the seventeenth, the new moon could bring you a brand-new love interest, or a certain romantic bumpy road could suddenly become smooth as silk. Enjoy all the special treatment and attention. On December 22, Mercury goes direct just in time for a smoother, sweeter holiday.
Standout days: 6, 17, 26
Challenging days: 10, 31

CANCER Quiet time may be all you want when the full moon comes on December 3. Holiday plans are beginning to get serious and there could be a work crunch going on, too. Take care of yourself and don’t get frazzled. On the sixth, Mercury and Mars are sextile while the moon is in Cancer. Be smart, motivated, and sensitive. The new moon on December 17 shows you that everything is neatly falling into place. Daily chores are all getting done, the cat is getting fed, and no one is feeling overlooked. Unexpectedly, you may be offered a helping hand. Say yes and thank you.
Standout days: 5, 14, 17
Challenging days: 16, 28

LEO  – Your social life is buzzing when the full moon comes on December 3, but you may feel more like a spectator or observer than a participant. Enjoy being less conspicuous and let your friends show off for a while. It should be fun to watch. For the new moon on the seventeenth, get creative with shopping and wrapping gifts. Your mind may be buzzing with a zillion splendid, personalized gifts that would be easy to make, but time is running short. On December 21, the sun enters Capricorn and conjoins Saturn. Be the grownup in the room, make smart decisions, and be respected.
Standout days: 1, 12, 23
Challenging days: 9, 19

VIRGO The Mercury retrograde starts on December 2. Hit the “pause” button and don’t get run over by the holidays. It could be hard to concentrate on your work during the full moon on the third, but you will. You’re doing interesting things and it’s a nice break from the mounting holiday madness at home. The December 17 new moon is all about your warm, fuzzy, comforting home and family life. Perhaps it’s the promise of favourite foods and treats. See relatives or friends who had become scarce this year. Being together will be good for everyone. Mercury goes direct on the twenty-second and everything gets easier.
Standout days: 12, 17, 21
Challenging days: 4, 10

LIBRA Venus enters Sagittarius on December 1. Get deep into the holiday mood. The full moon on the third could hit you with a strong desire to get away, far away. You won’t go, however, because you have so many people and things nearby that you dearly love. And there’s so much going on now. The new moon on December 17 lights up your desire to be with friends and neighbours. Think block party! Holiday preparations can be turned into quality fun time together. Someone unexpected could show up, too. Venus enters Capricorn on the twenty-fourth. Share your holiday spirit with the whole community.
Standout days: 7, 14, 23
Challenging days: 4, 20

SCORPIO Don’t let the full moon on December 3 leave you feeling insecure. A lot of people have your back and you have resources that are completely overlooked. You’re actually in great shape now. Mars enters Scorpio on the ninth. Feel powerful and energetic and get everything done ahead of time. Give your friends or family a helping hand. Money is a big deal during the new moon on December 17. You could easily spend way too much. At the same time, you could receive a generous, unexpected gift. Expect nothing, be gracious, and see what happens. The stars have treasures in mind for you.
Standout days: 6, 13, 27
Challenging days: 1, 28

SAGITTARIUS Romance knocks loudly on your door during the December 3 full moon. You have so much to offer a prospective partner that a lot of people are going to find you totally irresistible. You can charm your way out of it if you like. The moon conjoins Jupiter on the fourteenth. Get lucky about something fundamental that will make many other small problems go away. The new moon on December 17 beams happiness and good cheer your way. On the spur of the moment, turn over a new leaf in your personal life or attitude and instantly become a new, improved you.
Standout days: 5, 9, 22
Challenging days: 1, 29

CAPRICORN Some little things around the house need attention, and you’re in the mood to do them under the full moon on December 3. Groom the dog, get the cat to the vet, or organize and feed the indoor plants. The new moon on the seventeenth favours quiet private parties rather than big social blowouts. You might want to invite a few choice friends (or perhaps only one) to your place for an intimate celebration of the season. On December 21, the sun enters Capricorn and conjoins Saturn. The holidays are falling into place, and you are making it look effortless. 
Standout days: 8, 18, 23
Challenging days: 10, 30

AQUARIUS – Get quietly creative under the December 3 full moon. Social life may be getting out of hand and you’d like some quality private time anyway, just to play. The new moon on the seventeenth might take you from one holiday party or gathering to the next, to the next. Just when you think that you have your schedule under control and can get a little rest, the next irresistible invitation comes along. Don’t even think about saying no. Just go. On December 27, the moon conjoins Uranus. Take a breather and have a little silly fun in the middle of the stressful holidays.
Standout days: 8, 16, 31
Challenging days: 1, 12

PISCES Work may try to draw you away from home during the full moon on December 3, but you know where your heart is. Even if it’s an early holiday party, you might prefer to skip it. Get out in public on the new moon of the seventeenth. People want to be with you and do what you’re doing. Participate in a holiday charity event for children or seniors or both. Get great pleasure from doing the simplest things. The moon conjoins Neptune on December 24. The heart of the holidays could be the dreamiest, sweetest, most beautiful time of all.
Standout days: 1, 14, 28
Challenging days: 3, 16

Genie returns – but not ’til next year! thanks, Genie!

community network

Community-focused networking has lots of benefits, some are immediately evident, others need clarification and I was witness to this just recently as around twenty met over ‘brunch.’

Our guest was Michael has a lot of domestic responsibility, being the ‘office at home’ and supporting two young kids. He loved the idea of opportunity through engagement, connecting with others in business. The same for many sharing a similar routine these days …

‘Great business today Charlie, met some good people and so glad I accepted your invitation.’

It’s taking that first step, isn’t it? That’s where the intimidation lies, right? Stepping outside of the ‘comfort zone’ into an alien landscape, we all become moulded by our routines and I think Michael was no exception.

With a greater number working from the home office, we soon realise the value of people.

‘I didn’t know what to expect really. Although, I was half expecting the selly-sell, and/or the ‘sign-up’ so today was a refreshing change.’

‘Yes Michael, it is good to have you with us and course there are those who come along fishing for business, with focus on the referral. Others Michael, are just as happy to engage views, share the dialogue, focus on areas of passion, of need and the point of view, not to mention collaboration and to ultimately sample the ‘culture.’

Business is at times a secondary consideration – or ‘the bonus’ as some put it.

Seems to me, the development of community engagement is important, not least because it inspires better efficiencies by creating belonging. Along with a clear infrastructure, community helps us all, in whatever line business.

Most especially, those working from the home office.

‘Happy people mean a happy business, right?’

True Michael, cultivating the community network has enabled many to plan for the realisation of longer-term goals, the chance to step away from the monthly/quarterly led management figures and visualise the ‘bigger picture’.

Cultivating community delivers so much more. Community inspires relationships, affinity, infrastructure and ultimately the trust – then comes referral.

Blame the Leonids!!

With those bright spark Leonids visiting us all, we’ve been super busy, apologies from us and Leonid for the late delivery of November!

We shall all try harder! x

ARIES – The November 3 full moon lights up the money and material possessions in your life. Someone, or an unusual situation, could lead to an influx of cash or earning opportunity. It may take time, but it can start now. The moon-Mars conjunction on the fourteenth makes it easy to get what you want, if you know what that is. The new moon on November 18 suggests that nothing will be a problem for you during the next month. You have a clear view of a situation that may have been a bother for a while. Resources and helpful advice are at your fingertips. 
Standout days: 5, 10, 25
Challenging days: 1, 19

TAURUS – You’re totally conspicuous around the full moon on November 3, and in all the best ways. If you have wanted a boost for a special project, helping hands and brilliant ideas are on their way. You won’t even need to ask. Venus enters Scorpio on the seventh. Watch for love to get deep and for romance to get serious. A spectacular new love or romantic interest comes your way with the new moon on November 18. Or a current partnership may deepen and become rich beyond either of your wildest dreams. Be inundated with random acts of kindness and generosity.
Standout days: 13, 16, 21
Challenging days: 4, 26

GEMINI – Feel appreciated and cuddled around the full moon on November 3. Enjoy your personal space and private time. If feeling restless or still thinking of what else you should have or be doing, set all that aside and love your life here and now. Feel good about yourself with the new moon on the eighteenth. Feel good about your day job, and let your co-workers feel good about you, too. If there have been any doubts about anything, they will be resolved and disappear now. The Mercury-Saturn conjunction on November 27 can help you understand a piece of cryptic but valuable advice.
Standout days: 5, 17, 25
Challenging days: 1, 13

CANCER – The spotlight is on your social life during the November 3 full moon. Step into a bigger, perhaps faster social set. Don’t feel shy or awkward. Let others do the crazy stuff if they like. Dance to your own music, but dance. On the new moon on the eighteenth, pour your feelings into something creative. Paint, decorate, cook, play or write music, and soak yourself in all the things that you love best. Surround yourself with your best-loved company, too. The moon-Uranus conjunction on November 30 could reopen – or settle – an old argument. Be emotional but also reasonable, and heal an old wound.
Standout days: 7, 13, 21
Challenging days: 9, 19

LEO  – Career options and opportunities are blazing under the full moon on November 3. Feel secure and solid in your talents, skills, and experience. Friends or family may encourage you beyond your comfort level, but really, they’re right. Be brave if not bold. The new moon on the eighteenth makes home the best place to be. Spoil yourself and have a party if you like. Change something and make your environment luxurious and beautiful. Let friends and family visit and be jealous of your great space. The sun enters Sagittarius on November 21. If it wasn’t party time before, it is now.
Standout days: 3, 9, 29
Challenging days: 16, 28

VIRGO – If you’re feeling limited or constrained, the full moon on November 3 lets you break out and run free. You may not want to do anything extreme, but you have plenty of support and people cheering you on if you do. Mercury enters Sagittarius on the fifth, and it might be hard to concentrate on the important small stuff. Do your best. Stay near to home during the new moon on November 18. There will be a lot that you want to do with your friends. If siblings show up, let them figure out how to fit in with what’s going on.
Standout days: 9, 17, 28
Challenging days: 12, 24

LIBRA – On the full moon of November 3, resolve something that has been annoying or worrying you. It may not be important in the long run, but it could feel that way now. You have more than enough resources and lots of moral support. On the thirteenth, Venus conjoins Jupiter in Scorpio. Something or someone could touch or steal your heart. Money and material possessions are highlighted with the new moon on November 18. Pretty things look prettier and more desirable than usual. You might be tempted to go on a spending spree. Maybe leave your plastic at home and do some serious window-shopping.
Standout days: 7, 16, 28
Challenging days: 9, 26

SCORPIO – A rise in love and romance is highlighted by the full moon on November 3. Get sexy and sensual with someone who already worships the air you breathe. Don’t let any socializing get too extravagant because it might. The new moon on the eighteenth gives you the chance to do and say things that you would normally keep private. Be tactful, keep it nice, and people will understand and probably agree. You could alter your appearance now, too, with no negative criticism. On November 21, the Venus-Pluto sextile could smooth the rough edges on a relationship that shows promise of becoming valuable.
Standout days: 5, 12, 22
Challenging days: 19, 29

SAGITTARIUS – Health and happiness are spotlighted by the full moon on November 3. Take pleasure in taking care of yourself. You may also have a friend or a pet who needs a little extra pampering. Pamper away! On the thirteenth, the Venus-Jupiter conjunction shows you just how loved and cherished you really are. During the new moon on November 18, your private life and interior landscape may be much more interesting and richer than anything in the outside world. Indulge in deep thoughts, read a heavy book, get philosophical, and talk with your soul mate, real or yet to be manifested.
Standout days: 7, 16, 21
Challenging days: 4, 26

CAPRICORN – Around the November 3 full moon, get creative and spruce up your home, wardrobe, or anything else that you value and would like to give a fresh look. Get daring and have some wild and crazy fun with a lot of friends. The new moon on the eighteenth says to get ready for a fantastic social life in the coming weeks. Be popular and be treated extremely well. It’s OK to be pampered, so long as you appreciate it. On November 27, the Mercury-Saturn conjunction could slow down the pace and maybe change the direction of a developing relationship. 
Standout days: 11, 15, 20
Challenging days: 2, 13

AQUARIUS – Family or home life could tug at your heart with the full moon on November 3. There may be good news at work that makes time at home better and better. It’s so nice when home and work are not in fierce competition. The new moon on the eighteenth could open a door for your career or public presence that puts you on the fast track to success and popularity. Enjoy a burst of charm that brings someone or something to help you make the next big leap. On November 25, the Mercury-Uranus trine could reveal something powerful and useful that has long been concealed.
Standout days: 2, 11, 20
Challenging days: 4, 17

PISCES – Friends and neighbors are prominent, in all the best ways, during the full moon on November 3. Generosity from afar may be shared with you and your besties. It may not be party time, but it could be close. Break out of your shell with the new moon on the eighteenth. If you’ve been hunkered down with one specific job or project, you can now widen your range and have a fuller perspective without sacrificing your concentration. You will make success look easy. On November 26, the Moon-Neptune conjunction exposes hidden emotions and lets you talk openly about them.
Standout days: 13, 16, 22
Challenging days: 9, 19

Love beyond November!