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Does anyone care to imagine how the new business ‘entrepreneur’ grew the businesses prior to the advent of the internet? Before digital?

Give me just a minute …

With the consolidation of in-person networking during the mid 80’s ‘word of mouth’ established itself as the preferred tactic of obtaining new business introductions.

People recognised the value of the professional, informed connection and face-to-face interaction.

Prior to 1990 the business start-up had the choice of advertising through a very different media landscape to today … there were market-focussed magazines, local newspapers, and community ‘rags’ were abundant. 

Specialist sales-people, those who had people skills, the experts in their field who were engaging the prospects and (potential) new customer were a valuable asset to any company.

No doubt, word of mouth, and business by recommendation are still recognised as the best form of business.

Although today, the use of digital media has brought about the spectre of the ‘redundant salesperson.’ The soft skills that were so important thirty years ago are often lost on the potential impresarios of today. 

What value is the educated connection? The business landscape continues to change alongside an ever-evolving digital influence and it is proven that those who don’t adapt, are lost.

Ambitious individuals can evolve in step within the forward-thinking company. Although, the one thing that cannot be overlooked is that people buy from people. You may have the best product in the market although if you cannot personally relate to the prospective customer you may be lost.

There will always be a special place in business for those individuals who are able to develop meaningful relationships, and trust.

In-person networking continues to support the organisation that values the soft-skills, those personal experiences that only people bring to ‘the room.’

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I love the coast and in particular, the area in which I live, the North East of England. It's an uncomplicated life, for the past twelve years I've been away from the 'big smoke' ... and the decision to relocate my business to the North has been the best move of my career. So far. I am a writer and have a lifetime of experience in publishing and personal development. I now consider myself a specialist in helping my clients with memoirs - that could entail a biography, or simply bringing diary pages to life. I tend not to advertise my business, word of mouth has always been kind so it's no surprise that I do spend a couple of days per week networking. Peer collaboration can be very rewarding. Therefore, if you'd like to join me fortnightly for Wednesday ZOOM or either Tuesday or Thursday for (in-person) morning coffee, please get in touch. I'd love to meet you and perhaps help in any way possible. Thank you for stopping by the website. engage, develop, grow ... with Go!

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