to ‘have a go’

I was having a conversation with an esteemed friend recently.

At 84yrs of age he’s the senior ‘kid on the block,’ someone who is quite ‘well-off.’ His family estate being considerable, he wants for nothing. Although today, I found him in a reflective mood.

He considers himself lacking’ in certain areas of his life.

At times, don’t we all?

A former investment banker, he spent only a short while in this role until the death of his father decreed he was ‘the one’ to control and manage several thousand acres, including farms, numerous dwellings, and … a mine … not forgetting the mine …

Yes, I’m in a lucky position I suppose Charlie. Although. For the past 200 years, my family has existed to maintain the well-being of tenants residing on the estate. As responsible custodians, we also safeguard the rich legacy that surrounds and supports us.

So, why so wistful?

I would have liked to have ‘tried my hand’ at developing a business from ‘the off’, Charlie. That would have been for me, a challenge no doubt, but to build from nothing would be a dream come true.

One’s own destiny defined by your own hand?

In part, yes Charlie, correct. The excitement of launching, from scratch, a new enterprise? Something to be sought out by others … a business sampled and enjoyed. That appeals to me, it always has. It must be deeply satisfying for you.

On occasion, yes. Like everything else, it’s great when things are going well. Although remembering the ‘early days?’ The unwary may find being a ‘solopreneur’ a minefield, full of highs and lows.

Wonderful stuff, Charlie, but you have your network to support you, have you not? To be in charge of your own enterprise, you answer to no one…

Our customers. Yes, my own network often points the way forward but it’s down to each of us to steer the course. Ultimately we answer to no one but our customers and ourselves.

I left my friend with a distinct feeling he would have enjoyed, and, most likely, made a great job of the challenge of life as a self-employed proprietor. Entrepreneur.

Not to be …

I also gave quiet thanks for our conversation as it confirmed my own ambitions are part way now fulfilled.

Because I had faith and took the first steps … I ‘had a go.’

Published by charlie kenny

I love the coast and in particular, the area in which I live, the North East of England. It's an uncomplicated life, for the past ten years I've been away from the 'big smoke' and I consider the decision to relocate my business to the country has been the best move of my career. I write and have a lifetime of experience in publishing and personal development, I consider myself a specialist in helping my clients with memoirs - that could be a biography, or simply bringing a diary to life. I tend not to advertise my business, word of mouth has always been kind so it's no surprise that I do spend a couple of days per week networking. Peer collaboration can be very rewarding. Therefore if you'd like to join me any Wednesday midday or Thursday morning coffee, please get in touch, I'd love to meet you and perhaps help in any way possible. Thank you for stopping by the website. engage, develop, grow ... with Go!

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