Rewind, retune, repeat

Holiday time is a wonderful opportunity to revisit what matters most. It’s during the quiet times, away from the business, we find space to reflect, reset.

I guess that’s why it’s termed a recharge, we change our gaze, we find clarity, by seeing the next step, we confidently move forward.

Another New Year is with us and we know now what to expect … don’t we? The past year was a tough one, like the year before that, and we’ve come through it, we’ve learned, we’re wiser, tougher. 

A routine I’ve found myself practicing is the regular fine-tune. I keep a diary and find it helpful to compare notes, see where I was successful in the past and what I may not need this time. A simple bookkeeping habit for my small business. It keeps me lean, spontaneous, and more able to adapt than say, any larger organisation.

New connections are key to my business. So regular conversations and shared experiences are important. Conversations bring enlightenment and while it’s true that not every piece of dialogue brings new business … we’re better placed to find out what’s possible through engagement.

We’re making ourselves available for business. Rewind, fine-tune and keep going.

Rewound? Press play and go, show, and tell!  Engage peers and show your intentions. Along the way, enlighten those willing to listen so that they then inform their own circle.

What’s important to word of mouth? Conversation.

Rewind, adjust, fine-tune and repeat.

By allowing ourselves time on the plan, putting in place some simple routines, we fine-tune. We’ve more to engage our colleagues through practiced conversation.

Once we’re done, we go again. Rewind, retune, and repeat. Make yourself available for referrals. When you’re available and reliable, you become referrable.

Published by charlie kenny

I love the coast and in particular, the area in which I live, the North East of England. It's an uncomplicated life, for the past twelve years I've been away from the 'big smoke' ... and the decision to relocate my business to the North has been the best move of my career. So far. I am a writer and have a lifetime of experience in publishing and personal development. I now consider myself a specialist in helping my clients with memoirs - that could entail a biography, or simply bringing diary pages to life. I tend not to advertise my business, word of mouth has always been kind so it's no surprise that I do spend a couple of days per week networking. Peer collaboration can be very rewarding. Therefore, if you'd like to join me fortnightly for Wednesday ZOOM or either Tuesday or Thursday for (in-person) morning coffee, please get in touch. I'd love to meet you and perhaps help in any way possible. Thank you for stopping by the website. engage, develop, grow ... with Go!

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