GO! publicity.me with Charlie Kenny

Publishing and Networking services for individuals or the corporation.

Charlie Kenny started the business some years ago helping like-minded individual business owners find their footing.

Attracting new customers through engagement and smart, strategic publicity promotions is our specialism. The philosophy has always been that business is personal’ and it is through this approach we enable our clients to take the next big step forward in their particular development … whether to benefit the individual or in support of the company.

2018 and again we support the would-be author publish the story. Whether generating a handful of copies of the ‘tome’ for personal use or managing a commercial imprint, every one of our clients has different requirements. The bespoke service we offer reflect this.


We take the time to help our clients attain a certain level of satisfaction, knowing they are supported by a company with extensive experience and a partner who understands what their requirements may be. We realise client success through the development of the full potential, offering personal support for whatever strategy our clients choose to follow.

people * stories * books

A consultation is free and if we cannot help, we shall say so.



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