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ROB HATCH. Coach, educator, businessman, family guy …

Today Rob talks about Choice Overload


You may have read or heard me talk about how decisions are distractions. It is closely tied with the principle of Choice Overload. Simply put, too many options can be overwhelming. As a result, we end up not deciding at all.

My friend Trudi Roth joined me yesterday on How I Use That! We talked about this very struggle from the perspective of someone starting a new business.

For many small business owners, deciding which platform they should use to build a website is painful. Let alone which email provider to use or how to take payments.

Trudi recently launched a new business herself, but having an online presence isn’t new to her. She has an established website for a separate company and knows her options. She’s familiar with WordPress, the various plugins and has a particular bias towards it.

For this new business, Trudi wants to grow her newsletter list and take payments for the services she offers.

She also didn’t want to invest a lot of time or money to get started.

Sound familiar?

Where do you begin?

Here’s what she chose.

Website: Squarespace – It didn’t cost a lot. It was easy to set up. It works well on mobile. Simple.

Email Newsletter: Mailchimp – Even the free version has everything you need for some excellent automation.

Service platform: Zoom – She hosts live meditation workshops. Zoom has been invaluable for this.

Payments: Stripe – It takes ten minutes to set up an account, and Squarespace walks you through integrating it with their platform.

Oh, and she does her marketing on Instagram.

That’s everything she needs right now. And it was up and running in a few days.

But Rob, I’ve heard such great things about x or y or…and what if I outgrow Squarespace or MailChimp?

Trudi and I talked about that. And what a great problem to have when you get there.

But if you’re a small business needing to establish a digital presence, I challenge you to outgrow a basic setup like the one Trudi chose.

Are there other options? Sure.

Could you use Wix instead of Squarespace? Absolutely.

But if you’re still wondering where to begin, Trudi’s decision is a smart one.

Have a great month.


Trying to start something and don’t know where to begin?

One of my favorite new offerings is my Coaching Jumpstart.

One month. Three sessions. Simple.

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