Be like Greta.

Last night I was watching TV., a BBC programme, all about an 18yr old environmental activist named Greta Thunberg, the show was entitled “A Year to Change the World.”

What strikes me about this young lady is her utmost dedication. During ‘the show’ we see her visit Poland, a monumental coal mine where we hear points of view from burly miners with a lifetime in mining. 

We’re taken to Davos, Switzerland and the ‘World Economic Forum,’ where Greta addresses leaders from around the world. Reminding them that, ‘you can’t negotiate with physics.’  

She visits the UK to a plant working on carbon dioxide capture and a whole lot of other ‘stuff.’  The plan is a year of environmental awareness, reaching out to China and the rest of Asia. That was before COVID.

Greta and her father have both contracted the virus.  It’s all change.

You cannot alter the direction of where you’re heading unless you alter the course.

“A Year to Change the World” is a journey for Greta that may be on hold now, although it’s not stopped her. Greta’s voice carries huge influence as she advises youth ‘to take the virus seriously.’

“In a crisis, we change our behaviour and adapt to the new circumstances for the greater good of society,”

Greta Thunberg is not giving up. Aspergers, OCD, COVID, depression and an ultimate sense of loss is evident as she utters to Sir David Attenborough … 
‘No-one is listening’ 

‘A great many people are watching and listening.’ he replies.

Sir David continues to reassure her that whilst there is no easy fix to the errors of the past generations, her bravery, determination, innovation … her legacy continues to inspire and bring about gradual change.

But, I’m not here to promote TV, even though I find this one program immensely watchable.

What does it for me?  

It’s Greta’s utmost determination, inspired drive to bring about change.  It’s her absolute trust in those around her (guiding her) and for me what does it for me is her admission to being at a loss asking for support.

You know, reaching out for advice from those you know and trust is no sign of weakness.  It’s exactly the opposite.

Let’s be more like Greta Thunberg.  Grow the social conscience, reach out to help others to change our world.

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