It can be tough at the top … just ask any owner/manager.

During the busy times there are simply not enough hours in the day, we’re pretty much stretched just coping, ‘making hay’ when we’re busy and when those quieter times arrive?

We take the opportunity to ‘kick back’ don’t we? We embrace the ‘down time,’ take in some exercise perhaps, hit the gym, reward ourselves for all the effort, eat cake(!), make time for some fun, relationships.

After all, it’s no good chasing the business when the rest of the world is on holiday …

Is it?

Whether you have a written plan in place or not (if not, you need one!) we set our goals and accelerate the actions to achieve those goals. We have performance indicators in place (in mind or on paper), to help gauge our progress then adjust the plan to accommodate any improvements needed to keep us on track. We have a plan, we are goal aware.

Accordingly, with one third of 2016 now passed and better weather(!?) on the way we can be forgiven if we start thinking of a few days away from business to spend time with family maybe … BUT before we do that, why not take a breath, grab what’s left of the cake and think about the past four months. Ask yourself…

Am I happy?

Simply compare the business progress to plan. Is business fun? Do you enjoy supplying the results of your efforts? Is your business rewarding for you? Are you making money?

If the answer is yes, yes, yes and more yes – great! Even if it’s no, no, no and some, speak with those who will listen, business people like you, maybe those who have been around a little longer, ‘newbies’ as well – share the wear, get out there and seek opinions. It can be tough at the top.

So … time to check the compass. What direction is your plan taking you? Might it now be time to assess core success? Embracing where best results have come from will enable you clarity. Clarity to stay on track, avoiding the energy sapping trends, clarity to support your own particular success.

A compass shows us true North. When in doubt listen to your intuition, check-in with your peers then go back to the compass, adjust and refine direction where necessary and stay on course with the plan … then can really enjoy the ‘kick back.’