Lazy marketing? Get real, get personal…

It’s Time to Get Personal A little something from Chris Brogan … Phew. You’ve never heard that before…getting personal? But here’s the thing. It’s more true than ever before because Facebook and other technologies are now penalizing LAZY marketing. If you’re just lobbing crap over the fence, it’s not going to be seen. By anyone. (Isn’t that great:) Lazy marketing, robot marketing, just poke-poke-poke formula attempts to get people to read/buy/sign up just aren’t working any more. What people want (more often than not) is a more personal connection. They want to be on the inside, part of the tribe, the clearly connected. Not always. I don’t care which bottled water I buy. I probably don’t need a very personal connection with which brand of toilet paper I choose. But for things I buy that matter to me, I want to know who sells it. I want to feel like I’m part of something. I want to have the hint of a reason behind my choice besides “it was there” or “it was cheap.” That’s where you can make a big difference. My friend, Scott Oldford, made some really significant changes this past year. He went from marketing his business to throwing gatherings to discuss limitless business. He got much more personal in his blog posts and newsletters. He admitted some of his darkest secrets, while also sharing how they shape who he is and how he does his business. There are plenty of marketers out there. Scott gets his business these days from people who connect with his authentic self. Pay attention to Sue B. Zimmerman and her ideas about Instagram. She’s right. Follow the lead of Mitch Jackson, who is not just a top trial attorney, but now a force for helping others humanize their interactions. The best wave of media making is upon us: personal media. And it’s not a small-vs-big company story. It’s about people who care about connecting with their buyers and the community they serve. It’s about people who understand that lazy robot marketing and business practices don’t work. And it’s about you. It’s about you choosing to connect with the kinds of people who make you feel like they see you, like they’re there to help you. I aim to be among those people in your life.

Let’s get personal, shall we?

Thanks Chris ,,,, so happy when a plan comes together!!!! 🙂

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