But, what’s in it for me?

The effective email marketing message needs to focus on the receiver and what’s in it for them … not what you have or what you offer – not even your product. It needs to be about what is in it for them.

7 secrets you should consider keeping in mind:

The subject line serves as a headline for your message. This needs to encourage the reader to do just that – read the mail to generate a response.

Make the content of your message personal. Whether you’re sending this email to one person or one million it should read like a personal communication. Write the way you wish to talk, make it easy for people to relate to you.

Make sure the content of your message has one and only one objective. If you include more than one objective for your message you are unlikely meet any objective at all.

Keep the message brief. You know how it is … getting a long drawn out email is like getting a long voice mail. The reader is unlikely to scan for the punch line, you will end up in the junk folder.

Include a ‘link’ in your message to match the objective of the message. In all cases you want your email to evoke an action. Adding a link ensures the action is taken.

Don’t forget to include a Positive Power Statement for Action, otherwise known as a P.S. This is likely to be the most important statement in your entire message as it’s the statement most likely to get read, so clearly state the exact action you want and the exact benefit the reader gets for taking that action.

Once the message goes out – it’s time to follow-up … to find out what’s in it for you … so make sure the language is consistent, the format to the message is familiar and the signature works to develop familiarity. Most often the close is made with an effective follow-up.

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