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When you learn to network, you not only improve your career you also improve your personal life.

The best network marketers don’t just have amazing businesses and careers. They have incredible friendships and are always at the forefront of the line for new opportunities.

Networking is not about collecting cards and sending fancy emails anymore; there is more value in friends who share your interests than in bosses who do not have time to listen to your ideas.

For this reason, the key to successful networking is to achieve these points:

  • Figure out WHO matters most. Your employed programmer FRIEND may know who runs the business if you want a job.
  • Find easy ways to ENGAGE with people. For instance, you can share more ideas on Twitter than in an email.
  • Help yourself by helping others. People notice when you are doing good.
  • THINK PEOPLE, not position. True networking occurs when there’s an understanding between a group of people.
  • Support big sharks so good they can’t ignore you. When you are incredibly helpful to someone, they will be happy to help you back.
  • PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE, because business is personal.

Here’s the link to the full message from Desiree Peralta

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