familiar paths

Isn’t it great, especially during the current times of uncertainty, when old friends get in touch?

I hadn’t heard from Alastair for a bit until he picked up the landline and called me:

‘Charlie, I was wondering whether you can help me …’

Alastair and I have been friends since we worked together on his first book back in 2010.  

We had a lot to catch up on and chatted for a while, Alastair had contacted me to discuss his latest manuscript, something he wished me to consider.

He went further to say he was so pleased that I was still trading, willing and able to provide the same service he was accustomed. I could sense he was also relieved that our conversation was easy, we picked-up more or less where we left off years ago.

It was the familiarity. Alastair wasn’t comfortable with the unfamiliar. Me also, sounds reasonable huh?

He’d found life tough going since the Black Monday stock market crash of ’87. His specialist, fledgeling law practice was hugely affected back then. Ultimately Alastair, his wife and kids lost the business, their home, he turned to drink when ultimately, his family turned away from him.

Alastair spent time surviving on ‘the streets,’ in and out of various institutions. It was tough going for my friend. ‘Back then’ he he did manage to reach out for support from a local charity and he’d joined A.A. I met Alastair shortly thereafter through a referral via the Weekly Business.  

Alistair was coming back strong, he was looking to rebuild, get back on track at the age of 51…

Not that age should be a barrier to picking up the pieces and starting out again, look at what Henry Ford achieved, failing repeatedly before launching the hugely popular Model T Ford. Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Anita Roddick all failing along the way, learning from diversions in the path and recovering. In most cases spectacularly!

Alastair wasn’t looking for anything spectacular in 2020. He wasn’t looking to restart his own practice just now. He was enjoying long-term employ at a local law practice, a position of some prominence, he and family even managed to reunite.

I look forward to helping Alastair with his latest book, he’s a friend and we’ve swapped many vews over the years on success and of course, failure.

As Mary Kay Ash put it:

“For every failure, there’s an alternative course of action. You just have to find it. When you come to a roadblock, take a detour.”

Most importantly though, ask a friend.

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