You want to help … me?

I love what I do, my job. I enjoy helping friends move ahead in business through the fraternity. People like to do business with real people. It’s also one of the reasons why I’m enjoying the publishing industry a whole lot more these days. People are making themselves a whole lot more accessible.

Real people.

It’s easier to connect, isn’t it? You know, today is a much smaller world, the social comment and asking for help, we can connect, reach, find a solution, respond, blag, influence and much more in the big wide world, through small deeds. Through reaching out for support.

Yet for some, reaching out is not an option, they stick to the familiar working routine and if that’s predominantly by themselves, finding satisfaction in business, let alone the pay-day is tough.

By reaching out we learn more. We earn more.

If you don’t ask … you don’t get.

There are certain people who love to help others because they understand the very real benefits to all.

It wasn’t always like that for me, I was brought up to ‘keep my nose out,’ or ‘don’t offer until advice is asked for.’ I didn’t heed that advice long, I’ve become more comfortable now when offering experience and support to my trusted community.

I enjoy the business I’m in because I’ve embraced change. By simply being available … and listening … I’ve become credible and so I’ve become more passionate about my offer.

For me, to help others find their footing, their true niche, to ultimately help friends identify their passion is even better when that person I’m supporting actually ‘gets it’ and they, in turn, begin to leverage their skills and work with others.

It’s easy these days to ask for help, it’s acceptable, it’s at our fingertips and still, the opportunity to offer support eludes some.


We’re depriving our network the opportunity to assist us, and that’s not good business sense …

One of the many benefits of networking is the opportunity to help others. Today, more than ever it’s smart sense to embrace the change around us, declare our needs to those we spend time with (in person,) by doing so, we make ourselves available for that same opportunity.

People buy from passionate people.

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