Just passing through …


It’s ‘that’ time again David …

What’s that you mean Charlie?

I’m seeing a lot of interest in our business forum lately, much activity from those looking for the quick fix, you know, those out distributing the business cards, looking specifically for the next order, something to fill the hole.


We see lots of activity from the passer-by-hunter at this time of year. It’s usually when their core industry activity has quietened down when out come the seasonal business. It’s this time of year when we try and discourage the impulse networker.

Impulse networking? Sounds intriguing?

For some. In this part of our world, you can set your watch, your calendar to it. There are those who are ‘in business’ and then there are the seasonals, those that wish to be in business only until something else comes along … it’s something that those of us being around awhile are very aware of, it’s transparently obvious at times …

So, you discourage these folk from participating?

Not exactly, but when that initial enthusiasm crashes through that door, I make a point of offering insight into how we like to do business.

You mean, there are choices these days?  You know it’s tough out there Charlie, are you not making it just a little tougher? Don’t you think that you and the rest of the meeting are missing out on the opportunity?

David, over the years we’ve had plenty of seasonal businesses through the door. In the early days, it was difficult to see through the initial enthusiasm and effusive declarations of future prospects. The love!

The almost unbridled joy of being in the room with untapped opportunity, the chance to engage other business owners who could offer the bigger picture has its benefits of course.  Energy … for one and we all appreciate the attitude.

So what’s not to like with newfound enthusiasm coming to the table Charlie?

It’s when they leave Dave. The hunter has no intentions of developing the close ties, it’s all about now.

Once the realisation that networking is about the community build beyond the room and the time that it takes in developing the relationships enabling the meaningful business … by having your name recommended to others.

This is when our seasonal hunters tend to leave the table before dessert, before that ‘bigger picture,’

Ok, but some of us need to pay the bills.

Correct Dave.

Sadly the effect just one or two ‘seasonal networkers’ have on a room can be devastating. It’s not good for the prospects of those with nobler intentions.

You see Dave, promises are made, appointments scheduled and leads are passed. All this comes to nought when the clock strikes ‘times up’ and it’s back to the attention of the “day job.”

Networking works best for those wishing to develop their business for the long term. Good relationships sell your reputation, there is no need to worry about when the next ‘fix’ is coming when we have our trusted network watching our backs.

It’s not about seasonal business David, because today, more than ever, business is personal.

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