The lessons of the past

Britain’s tribal inhabitants first arrived sometime during the 2nd century. A time of identity, belonging and ownership. There were unseen lines of territory leading to tribal disputes, warfare and wholesale cultural disposition.

Sound familiar?

Here’s an excerpt from a book by a brand new writer…

= starts =

The Selgovae were among the first of Britains tribes, occupying the chalk hills of the North East of England, the Cheviot.

One Roman writer described the Selgovae warrior in this way, saying:

‘Each warrior dons on his head the face mask of a wolf as he wears the pelt like a cloak on his back. Warriors colour their body to match that pelt, chest, arms, legs. He even goes to the extent that the sturdy hill pony he rides is coloured the same, making the ‘warrior wolf ‘ and pony appear as one large, almost mystical, fearsome opponent. Before battle the Selgovae holy man would call to their God when the mists would descend their Chalk mountain, shrouding the lands in that Kingdom of Calchfynydd, where Selgovae enemies were soon terrified by their own imagining of what was before them, the Selgovae lands presented a frightening, inhospitable landscape, for in these mists supernatural things would happen.’

. . .

Tea had finished, everything washed up and put away. All those staying at the shepherd’s cottage that evening settled down in front of the remnants of a still flickering fire and listened, as the Selgovae storyteller continued:

. . .

Today’s glorious spring day was waning as the couple paused by their destination, the imposing entrance to a magnificent Norman cathedral. They had arrived but were unsure. Beyond the threshold was the same comfort and shelter offered to all over the centuries and as they stepped within, the last rays of sunshine filtered through the rose windows, illuminating their entrance toward the pulpit of this Great House of God.

‘Take my hand, our instincts shall guide us, she whispered, we’ve been invited here and whoever sent for us knows that we have arrived.’

= ends =

—– the above is an excerpt from soon to be published series of factually based work supporting the work of Alzheimers Research (UK) —-

Have faith, learn from our past. We shall know when we have arrived!

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