you, me, collaboratively …

Collaboration is a much anticipated and at the same time, such an overlooked benefit to networking.

What happens though, when things don’t quite go to plan?

Been there? You know it don’t you? Initially, there is the excitement of working with and learning all about a potential collaborative partner, someone who can contribute to your projects and perhaps one day refer you to greener fields, like-minded organisations and those well-connected individuals of influence.

Then, for a whole host of reasons we find that ‘things’ just aren’t going to happen as our best intentions had hoped. There may be a language that is initially all too familiar, an enthusiasm that instils confidence in our new found partner. Then … it’s pear-shaped …

There could be a multitude of reasons for the failure of progress. The brief, the ability to perform to expectation, a lack understanding of processes, of delivery. There may be pricing issues, style and interpretation may be lacking. (Or non-existent.) There are many reasons why our mutual hopes for growth may be shattered.


Start in a way that you mean to go on. Sure, on the outside there may be a fit to change the world although if you don’t offer to sit down and spend time discussing the brief – in detail – then sadly disappointment is the only outcome.

Solutions? The one to one.

Spending time together with potential partners is important if meaningful collaboration is to work and take your business forward.

Published by charlie kenny

I love the coast and in particular, the area in which I live, the North East of England. 30+ years experience in publishing and personal development is what I bring to individuals looking for advice, direction or simply an independent listening post. My passion is the person, hence my interest in structured networking and the magic that happens when like-minded people engage. engage, develop, grow ... with Go!

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