Circle or Square?

Who’s happy? I asked.

‘I just seem to keep heading in circles,’ came the shout from the back of the room.

‘Great’ I said.

‘I don’t feel as if I’m achieving though, I feel I’m doing all the right things, for very little reward.’

‘Widen the circle perhaps, maybe you’ve become stuck in a corner?’ I replied.

‘Try knocking a couple of corners off here and there. I continued. We all need help with ‘the path’ at times, support in clearing the obstacles in the way of progress.’

‘I like to think circles. Ever decreasing circles, moving in circles through the business practice, as we maintain the flow, the awareness of what is to be achieved, those small rewards we offer ourselves and within our circle the vision of the path we’re heading toward – the end game is always in sight.’

‘Whaa … ?’ Came the reply as the room fell silent.

‘Think about it, just for a minute.’

‘Think circles. As business owners we have many different tasks and projects to accomplish at any given time and keeping focused on where we should be spending most energy can often be a struggle, more so with today’s eternal distractions.’

‘By thinking circle, a starting point within a given circumference we flow, we’re not held up, were avoiding seeing distractions, obstacles to our destination, we’re hitting the target(s) and flowing. Seamless business is, after all, better business.’

If you’re feeling lost, like minded friends can help. Effective networks offer support going forward, business connections working together offer vision, after all, that’s why were networking … think circles, don’t get stuck in ‘squares’ by overlooking the resources within the network.

So if you cannot get help within your circle? Let’s increase those connections.

Published by charlie kenny

I love the coast and in particular, the area in which I live, the North East of England. 30+ years experience in publishing and personal development is what I bring to individuals looking for advice, direction or simply an independent listening post. My passion is the person, hence my interest in structured networking and the magic that happens when like-minded people engage. engage, develop, grow ... with Go!

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