Referral tip No. 6

Some really missed the point when we discussed the ‘being helpful’ post just recently … they missed the referral pointer, or maybe it was just my way of  ‘engagement’ that may have confounded the issue?

The issue of being really helpful …

So a friend or colleague have a need?

To me – and I know this is right for many – it’s just not about offering to help – we learn this when looking for referral.  It’s knowing how we can help – in a meaningful way.

Sure, it’s great when someone suggests:

‘I’ll help, what is it you want me to do?’

Although, isn’t it so much better when that same someone offers support this way:

‘I”d like to help, let me take care of that for you.’

So what!? I hear you say.

 At least I’ve offered  – it’s always welcome isn’t it? Besides, it may lead to referral …

What I’m trying to suggest here is … ‘being helpful’ is about spending time, connecting, understanding and relating to the needs of others. Most of us are not even aware of what it is we need help with!

A real friend (someone who knows you well) just may be able to offer a solution and be really helpful simply because they have taken the time to get to know you well enough.

OK, that’s cleared that little referral conundrum (hasn’t it?) or is this something I need to spend more time and coffee with?

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