It is well documented that our business population spends a whole lot more time online than predecessors. We know this already.

‘That’s a no-brainer! Tell us another one.’ I hear you say.

Many of us understand that the personal connection is vital, that’s why were driven to add/like/share and participate. Essentially though, the real business transactions either work or fail with the follow-up, personal engagement – when we pop the question.

So how do we initiate personal interaction, connecting with the real decision makers? What methods do we utilise to gain interest?
Are we seeking to engage others with beneficial information? Probably. Demonstration of affinity? Likely.

Engaging with the appointment in mind? Perhaps not.

How much business time is spent on line, window-shopping and wondering how to engage for a meeting? Hey, I’m not saying this is not the way to go – there is plenty of proof also that most online ‘connections’ are a result of qualified common ground, soft canvassing pre-qualification although rarely does this create substantial business entirely on it’s own … unless of course the person to person meeting materialises.

In reality though, geography and logistics combine to mean we’re unable to perform the one to one … nothing the matter with prospecting, good business takes time …

Video link is one way of gaining face-to-face engagement with your potential ‘next best customer’ and video offers the chance to deliver your message – in person – to the key person who is able to take your offer to an even greater audience.

Are you confident on live link? If the answer is no, then you shall need to practice those online presentation skills, because until we are fully adept at using direct link video messaging you won’t trust the technology, you shall not appear credible or trustworthy to the potential client and the whole exercise is lost, your confidence is gone also. Trust.

Each of us has a particular personal skill, a vastly under-utilised skill that in today’s peer-led, trust conscious, cost factored, connections-led online world is often overlooked.

Qualification and engagement are great groundwork but when looking for meaningful results we need to ‘pop the question,’ ask for the appointment.

Why not make plans next month to use your personal skills and get out more? Visit those geographically accessible prospects you’ve cultivated on line and – pop the question – make those strategic appointments and leave the office behind (unless you’ve no choice but to take it with you.)

Take some time building trust and doing some business in person, with real people. Because in today’s business world, business IS personal.