Banzai or Bonsai?

I’m into Bonsai just now, it’s easier on the bones than digging the borders and I like the idea that once the initial planting is done we now ‘just’ need to give it time, some TLC over time.

With the holiday season bringing more time for most there is a certain reflective period that many working for themselves pass through, as for me, I’m reflective most days when usually accompanied by a good cup of tea. What about you?

What are your reflective thoughts usually founded on? How do you pass through the down time, is it with an action or another famous cup of tea? Or both?

One of the networking groups I host up here is a fledgling start up with a variety of really clever people. Some are new to network engagement, others with a long-standing understanding of when to take action or when to take a break. As it happens, this new group is taking a hiatus through the summer holiday.

Other forum groups I’m supporting continue throughout all seasons, there is maturity in the room and an understanding of the importance and value of continued engagement.

Bill is an attendee of the new group and enquired when would be a good time to visit the ‘open all hours’ forum, he was kicking his heels, gone stir crazy and he “needed the people” …(his words not mine.)

“Any time is a good time Bill, your ‘specialist subject’ does not clash with others cultivating the referral, come on over.” I suggested.

Bill was taking action. He knows that people are key to his business and an important part of his strategy for growth. Instead of choosing the extra tea break during reflection Bill chose action, made up his mind to engage real people.

I like Bill; there should be more like Bill – although he does drink a lot of tea, even when he is taking action!


So is it Bonsai or  Banzai … decisions, decisions …


Published by charlie kenny

I love the coast and in particular, the area in which I live, the North East of England. 30+ years experience in publishing and personal development is what I bring to individuals looking for advice, direction or simply an independent listening post. My passion is the person, hence my interest in structured networking and the magic that happens when like-minded people engage. engage, develop, grow ... with Go!

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