Shut That Door!

In every networking ‘group’ there will always be one or two examples of how NOT to encourage business.

Today, GO! brings you the Weeklybiz interpretation of just one or two(!) classic scenarios and how to avoid them …

Episode One. Leave the hunter behind … starring Matt Le-Fatt

Let’s imagine that 9-5pm our Matt Le-Fatt is a hard working snack-truck cook sweating over the hot plate of sausage and egg while dreaming over an easier way of attracting business …

One fine day the door of opportunity opens when an invitation arrives to attend the local structured networking event – ideal for Le-Fatt it seems as the event starts before ‘time on the job’ and offers exclusive time extolling his virtues to a virtually locked in audience … he enthusiastically decides to ‘chance his charms’ at networking.

‘instant business before the business day starts – great!’

Now we don’t have to try too hard to understand that it is not solely the symptom of someone like our fictional Matt Le-Fatt and the catering industry … hunting for business is widespread and in some instances encouraged although – and especially in recent ‘since the dip’ times the affliction of hunting for business has reached rash(er) proportions.

So, how do we dissuade similar hunter-characters from ruining your own circle of business cultivator connections?

Take the time to talk and educate, let them know that by hunting for quick business they actively subdue the growth that others in the network are working long term to cultivate.

Over time you will soon recognise the symptoms of the uneducated Hunter mentality as they visit your particular group … although beware if they don’t listen to words of encouragement and wisdom … shut that door!

More next week!

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