Mad March Networking – Alnwick

Connection, Opportunity, Leads, Contacts, Business & Referral … All of the above brought to you through SPEED Networking @ The Plough, Alnwick TUESDAY, March 8th, 2016, 12 until 6pm. Bring a smile, bring some cards, bring a friend or two … don’t need any cash for the door though – It’s FREE. IMPORTANT … Attending one ofContinue reading “Mad March Networking – Alnwick”

Faith beats the monkey!

Teri disappeared into the night toward her car and as I closed the door behind her I realised that the business I’m in is set up around a really simple idea… so simple I thought. I’m in business to help others become more successful. When these people become more successful as a result of somethingContinue reading “Faith beats the monkey!”

Sales not selly sales

It wasn’t so long ago I was supporting a small manufacturing company with a team of sales people, offering my own direction and advise in the wiles of what some have called ‘the black art sales through sustained relationships.’ We’d have Monday morning sales meetings to determine business forecasts, the order input and we’d generallyContinue reading “Sales not selly sales”

Coming in for landing …

If you can get them, try holidays next year; they really work! Occasionally the challenge can be coming back to ‘biz’ don’t you think? If we’re not on the ball, the best-laid plans are soon scuppered by the unexpected. It was 7.30am and the first tea and sticky bun were already a distant memory as Continue reading “Coming in for landing …”

People, funny?

“People are funny” I find I quote this phrase regularly during conversation, even to myself although most often when I’m indulging with friends over a ‘sticky bun’ and a decent coffee. I find engagement with like-minded souls is always good for the morale and if we’re lucky we receive more than just a boost forContinue reading “People, funny?”

It’s a like!

I’ve never found myself entirely comfortable when presenting to a room full of faces. Happy, smiley or otherwise. Group presentations in my line of business are commonplace and more often than not I surprise myself by enjoying the experience. By enjoying I mean I find myself ‘in the zone’ and the message is invariably safelyContinue reading “It’s a like!”