Priority, Clarity and tea

I took a step to my left as ‘priority’ Gladys bowled past me, a steaming cup of coffee in one hand. ‘Like one?’ she asked.

‘Thanks, tea please.’ I uttered

‘Best get it yourself then, I’m just too busy.’ came the reply.

I’d seen this before. Gladys had just been handed an ‘urgent’ which prompted the spontaneous coffee break. The ‘head-clearer’ as she calls it.

‘Just too busy, I need to get my ‘head around’ this one …’ Gladys disappeared down the corridor while I made my own way toward the idle tea pot.

So where does this additional time come from?

Being generally busy, how do we manage to get it all done when our schedules are knocked off course? How do we handle it, work it out?

The reality? Urgency. It dictates each time.

The “unexpected” gets our attention. On certain occasions we need to address it, while at other times it is completely undeserving.

Urgency can be good for us. We are all reactionary after all, and being remarkable under pressure most of us do find ways of getting things done.

So, what’s next?

The above is one of the lines that saves me every time I’m confronted by an ‘urgent.’ When the flow is interrupted or I’m thrown off my plan or if the questions are raised, this line does it for me. ‘So, what’s next?’ When I find myself distracted through anxiety about work or family, I stop and ask myself this question.

So, what’s next?

I like a list, I write one out each day and check back each time the interruptions inevitably happen, it keeps me grounded, focused on what’s next and the …

Priority, clarity and tea.

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I love the coast and in particular, the area in which I live, the North East of England. It's an uncomplicated life, for the past twelve years I've been away from the 'big smoke' ... and the decision to relocate my business to the North has been the best move of my career. So far. I am a writer and have a lifetime of experience in publishing and personal development. I now consider myself a specialist in helping my clients with memoirs - that could entail a biography, or simply bringing diary pages to life. I tend not to advertise my business, word of mouth has always been kind so it's no surprise that I do spend a couple of days per week networking. Peer collaboration can be very rewarding. Therefore, if you'd like to join me fortnightly for Wednesday ZOOM or either Tuesday or Thursday for (in-person) morning coffee, please get in touch. I'd love to meet you and perhaps help in any way possible. Thank you for stopping by the website. engage, develop, grow ... with Go!

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