If you can get them, try holidays next year; they really work!

Occasionally the challenge can be coming back to ‘biz’ don’t you think?

If we’re not on the ball, the best-laid plans are soon scuppered by the unexpected.

It was 7.30am and the first tea and sticky bun were already a distant memory as  I spied a familiar face heading my way. Brian and I shook hands and naturally, I asked how his networking was progressing?

‘Charlie, I’m under-whelmed’ he said.

Having not seen Brian for a number of weeks I enquired further.

‘I’ve been visiting my group for the past four weeks and still it’s the same, the same routine, same messages, even the breakfast has become ‘samey.’

You are unhappy because of the routine or the breakfast??  I replied.

‘Well it gets to a point where I expect what’s coming next … it’s about who needs help with this and how someone else can support you with that – I know all that stuff now and I’m thinking of moving on …

At that precise ‘go figure’ moment I enquired exactly why he was networking.

‘Business of course, I’m looking for more orders.’

I did my best to explain to Brian that, for some in business, the structured network meeting was not the answer.

If you are not looking for a fast-track to a diverse business community right on the doorstep, or a purpose-built sales team intent on learning about you and your own skills, it could be that regular networking is not for you … I added.

Brian then handed me his new business card with a detailed list of products and services printed on reverse. He suggested that … ‘if ever I needed his type of product, why not get in touch?’

I enquired after the coffee …

Structured networking is great for business; sadly some of us are not so great for networking.