Vision through friends

The coffee was cold, cake a memory and as I prepared to leave the office the mobile sprang to life with text:

‘Just sent you an email, come back to me!’

The number was familiar although ‘nothing current.’ Being curious, I did of course proceed as instructed and checked ‘mail’ anyway.

Hey Charlie, it’s Jackie here!

‘Some of the kids here are with you in spirit, see the attached please and let me know what you think!?’

Now I don’t know about you but whenever I’m engaging an unfamiliar email and being instructed to check the attachment, I’m a little cautious …

Still, I was curious and didn’t ‘bin’ this one but parked it, then dispatched the remainder of the (now ice) coffee and escaped with the boss (dear dog.)

It was some time later I’d recovered from the latest ‘trek’ and approached the kitchen for refreshment once again …

‘Did you get the message from Jackie?’ A distant shout came from Sue.

Memory was restored! ‘Jackie’ was the Carer for an elderley some-time client, someone I catch up with much too sparingly, only occasionally.

I returned to the email and scanning the contents immediately felt more positive about prospects.

The note began:

Hey Charlie, Jackie here, a note from the school front …

We had a sit down with the kids today (six 5 year olds) and we asked them to play along …

‘First we asked them to close their eyes until the count of ten and to think about what they were good at. We also asked the kids to think about where they would like to be when they grow up?’

”As you can imagine, the room erupted with shrieks of enthusiasm and the first hand that shot up I immediately thought of you:’

‘I’m really good at helping people.’ Came the answer from said 5 year old. ‘When I grow up I want to be surrounded by my friends.’

So, why tell me this Jackie?

I needed just a minute before the ‘penny finally dropped’ …

Jackie had been reminded of something by her young companion … something that she and I had discussed many times in the past. We’d talked how Carers needed help just like everyone else. The most helpful of people need their friends and just a little support at times.

Jackie also knew that the network of friends was one of the reasons I enjoyed my business so much and hence she was so taken aback by the youngsters comments, it became the reason she decided to make contact.

Sometimes kids have a great way of enlightening us to some of life’s really important stuff, like the mutual benefits that come through helping friends.

I was happy … my first testimonial of 2017, even if it was from a 5yr old!


The resource for referral

It’s been a BIG year for Clarice, lots of new resources and the business looks now to be heading in the right direction.

‘What now?’ I asked – just as the festive mince pie hit her chops …

Once composure was regained Clarice informed me exactly of what I already knew.

‘More of the same Charlie, please.’I don’t know where I’d be without the resources I’ve discovered since becoming a regular attendee of the Weeklybiz network.’

Not everyone shares the vision of Clarice. Indeed many choose to overlook the structure that creates the opportunity when knocking on the door of business. The lure of an easy ‘fix’ is too strong for some, those with deadlines for success, targets to meet and so the real value of resource available in ‘the room’ is simply not given the time to flourish.

Not so for my companion.

‘The resources in place then Clarice?’

‘In place and I can see the path to my goals Charlie …’

‘Look who is on my team Charlie. We’ve a business planning specialist, marketing guru, software and I.T. ‘geek’ as well and more. The people I am in immediate contact with, developing relations and trust is phenomenal.’

Social media is just part of it and I can call upon these resources within Weeklybiz, money people, recruitment, law and human resources as well. Not to mention events, training and coaching.

‘We’re lucky I guess Clarice?’

‘It’s a gift, a great opportunity Charlie, I knew that when I first arrived and I cannot understand those who dismiss Weeklybiz networking as simply a hunting ground. I have now learned to covet and protect my position within the group as I work to cultivate the key relationships that take my business to new levels.’

‘Merry Christmas Clarice … another mince pie?’

Know your vision of the future?

Bear with me now …

Do you know where your business is heading and what it shall look like when you eventually ‘get there?’

“What? Of course.” I hear you say. “That’s a natural!” Comes another …

I know the evangelists profess the ‘only’ way to achieve is to keep that picture of the ultimate ‘me and the business’ in focus, as part of the plan moving forward. Some find that pretty easy, (and I know it differs depending on your own circumstances,) some find it tough going, we all have our diversions to path, we are swayed with trends, different challenges or solutions that promise much and (sadly) deliver not a lot.

Some of us just find it easy to stay on track. Take Gus, he’s one of the guys who started my publishing platform here several years ago, he is one such person. Gus sees a vision, he has his twelve-month goal all mapped out – he’s even stuck it up and over our wall here!

Gus creates the vision, he has this monthly cycle of events that he sees need to happen to enable change, bring fulfilment … and he tackles those, one by one until he’s into the next month, the next and ultimately – which I find so annoying Gus reaches October and he’s there, right on top, he’s in charge and knows exactly how the next eight weeks are going to be impact his degree of fulfilment.

Gus calls it his ‘numbers game’ and he is always working on it, Gus believes day to day revolves around simple numbers …  he keeps a pencil and paper beside his keyboard and jots down influences here, the to-do’s there and he just gets it done! Gus knows exactly what needs to be doing for months in advance for goodness sake!

Lucky for me I hear you say? Drives me nuts I would suggest!

We all need a Gus in our lives don’t we? These are the people who have that ability to avoid the static, the pull of the me-me-me, the online like-fest and must do’s to keep up or else style of influence that annoys the heck out of me … and many others I’m sure.

Gus is beginning to rub-off though. I leave the lists and heavy duty wall-planners to him as I work on my “three word mind map,” reinstated for next year and and my short-cut to staying on track, I can solve the conundrum of the ‘bigger picture’ with just a little work.

All I have to do is stay between the lines. Whenever distracted simply recall my three words. Easy isn’t it? Keep focused and understand that while I continue on the day to day ‘stuff’ I already know who we’ll need and what we shall require to get to the ultimate destination and what I have to do to make that happen.

Engage * Develop * Grow does it for me.

What are your three words to guide you? I’d like to know how you intend to to fulfil your vision of the future, let me know if I can help.