‘Charlie and the team do great work, all with a smile, on time and within budget. Highly recommended.’ 

Ted Hill, Chief Executive, HAVS

‘Thank you so much for helping me.  Before Go! Publicity.me came along I was seriously considering giving up.’   

Hermie Kandler, Hermieopathy

‘We’re happy to recommend the services of the GO! team, always delivering more.’   

Atifa Ali Khan, West London Network

‘We wanted to launch our new range of healthcare products. Without the advice and guidance of Go! Publicity we’d be lost – so glad we found them.’  

Peony Laines, White Company

‘I have no hesitation in recommending Go! With great vision and a unique method of working, my business is finally moving in the right direction.’  

Tania Clarke, Thrive Consultant

Charlie has been a great mentor to my future progression to a better life with his guidance and professionalism.

Roger Plummeridge, Author

‘I feel that I am back on track now. Thank you Charlie.’
Alastair Robertson, Author

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