Sales not selly sales

It wasn’t so long ago I was supporting a small manufacturing company with a team of sales people, offering my own direction and advise in the wiles of what some have called ‘the black art sales through sustained relationships.’

We’d have Monday morning sales meetings to determine business forecasts, the order input and we’d generally ‘mull over’ the business model, from the success to the not so successful.

The regular meetings gave us unity, insight and the opportunity for development.

Our priority during these times was regular contact with our clients. As it remains today. We routinely made daily calls and regular in-person visits to engage our clients and offer our expertise and support. The journey to and from clients premises wasn’t a wasted journey either – this was the time for the ‘cold call.’

We’d encourage each to stop the vehicle, get out and knock on doors for engagement with the intention of introduction for future business.

Why drive past an opportunity, after all?

If the time wasn’t right to talk sales with the decision maker we’d try booking for a future meeting or at least seek the contact details and follow up through telephone calls or post.

We found that our prospects actively supported these personal engagements.

The regular visits with ‘real people’ work and all that time ago those calls made a huge difference to business and set us apart from many of our competitors.

It’s a little like our structured networking @weeklybusiness. The familiar, trusted face of the professional in the room offering their support when and as required. No sales required.

This is how I do business, how about you …

What sets you apart?