MAY. Amanda says … it’s in the stars


Aries 20th March -19th April

May is promising to be a month of opportunity for many but it is equally full of surprises. After Mercury’s about turn into direct motion on the 3rd, you can expect many obstacles to start clearing away. Better still you can also expect the things that you thought would cause you trouble, in fact, end up doing the exact opposite! This will be a month that by its close you could, in fact, find yourself in an even better and stronger position than you had anticipated in many respects. This is a month of positive change.

Thought for the Month ‘Expect the unexpected’

Taurus April 19th April – 20th May

In your mind, you have already left the past behind therefore you are ready for Mays promising opportunities. This is good as they will be forthcoming. Not only that with your new open-minded ‘let’s just see where life takes me’ attitude you will be well placed to savour all that is on offer. This will have a very positive impact on your life going forward. With Venus also direct now you will be ready to renew your affections or take a new romantic journey, start a new career or project and throw all your passion into it. Enjoy!

Thought for the Month ‘Luck is preparation meeting opportunity’

Gemini May 20th- June 20th

With your ruling planet Mercury’s recent retrograde motion, which changes on the 3rd everything has been in chaos! In fact, it is difficult to know where to start and what is more urgent. Thrown into the mix that everybody’s life is changing then it is little wonder you could do with a period of calm! While May cannot promise you this it can promise you some very pleasant and surprising opportunities. Most of which will unfold after the Gemini New Moon on the 25th and into June. In the meantime, stay open to everything!

Thought for the Month ‘You never know your luck till the ball stops rolling’

Cancer June 20th – July 22nd

Cancer’s being a fixed sign enjoy stability and certainty all of which have been in very short supply lately. Still, there is no denying that there have been some wonderful opportunities of late and some very real potential for future happiness. Therefore, to a degree maybe you should just relax and let this changing climate unfold with all its twists, turns and offers. It seems that the tides of change are slowly turning in your favour so try to weather the tensions of others and just trust the journey it promises to be good!

Thought for the Month ‘All in a day’s work’

Leo July 22nd – August 22nd

Recent stressful situations have forced you to lie low and stay distant from the drama. While that has been exhausting, it has the advantage that you are now free to consider your own opportunity. With both Venus and Mercury now direct it seems you will be able to pursue your objectives rather than those of others. While some opportunities may take you out of your comfort zone you are advised to give it a go! What unfolds because of some strange and auspicious twists of fate could be well worth any effort involved

Thought for the Month ‘As one door closes another opens’

Virgo August 22nd – September 22nd

This month as your ruling planet Mercury turns direct on the 3rd you will be eating humble pie. Something a fastidious, methodical Virgo never usually does! Mind you the good thing about Mercury retrograde is that it will highlight some facts that you had previously missed. This will make you change your whole approach to certain individuals and situations. It seems however that with times changing so quickly you may have to just take some chances. The good news is later you will be glad you did!

Thought for the month ‘There is no such thing as perfect’

Libra September 22nd – October 23rd

Life has been tricky for some time now and Mercury has not helped over the last couple of weeks. It feels impossible to complete anything satisfactorily. However, its direct turn on the 3rd. That and Venus recent about turn should now help to get the wheels of life oiled and moving again. Expect results toward the end of the month when a Gemini New Moon broadens your horizon’s. That is not just for now, but it opens doors that will change your life! This is a time you will look back on and recognise a turning point.

Thought for the Month ‘You have to speculate to accumulate’

Scorpio October 23rd – November 21st

A Full Moon in your sign promises tensions will build until the 10th when they reach a head! It’s fair to say with so many planets doing recent retrograde turns you have been going over things! Just when you think you have something sorted fate has thrown a spanner in the works. Still, while this has been testing perhaps retrospectively it will have been good and tested your commitment to certain projects and people. Remain open-minded especially as offers late month may offer yet another better perspective.

Thought for the Month ‘The game is not over until the ball stops’

Sagittarius November 21st – December 21st

With Saturn in your sign, there has been a lot of opportunities for self-improvement. While some of this has been stressful and very exhausting you have been achieving a lot and must be pleased with some of your advances. However, its seems some things and some people have been holding you back. With a New Moon, late month in your opposite house of partners the time has come to clear the decks of what and whom no longer works well with you. You need to move on and things cannot stay as they are!

Thought for the Month ‘It’s hard dragging a stubborn donkey uphill!’

Capricorn December 22nd – January 20th

May promises to be a month of opportunity for Capricorn. There are many changes in the pipeline for others and therefore you could be on the receiving end of some surprising offers! While at first, you will have some reservations, you would be wise to check everything out. Capricorn rarely shy away from a gamble and it seems that future lucky breaks require you to take a chance and do just that. It seems that better times are ahead and in a place and with people you may never have previously considered!

Thought for the Month ‘Never say never’

Aquarius January 20th – February 19th

May is promising to be a pivotal month for positive change. This may surprise you as all you can see is risk and people acting out of character. More importantly, you are a bit sick and tired of all the changes and feel the need for some stability. Still, even you can see that the current status quo is not sustainable. Even more, you have been saying so for some time! For now, just let things unfold, don’t be too quick to judge. The trends are all positive. Just for now trust others to take the lead. Later you will be glad you did!

Thought for the Month ‘There are many ways to peel an Orange’

Pisces February 19th – March 20th

Pisces are often a sign that allows the tides of life to ebb and flow over them. Still with so much now in a state of flux and with so many serious important decisions in the balance you feel uneasy. Others, emotions are familiar territory for you and you can see the dubiousness in one or two individual’s decisions now. Still, we cannot live others’ lives for them. More, we can never be sure whether what we think will suit someone will! Often fate plays a hand and unfolds a surprise! Therefore, let life unfold, it will anyway!

Thought for the Month ‘Live and let live’

~ Amanda Corrick

August in the stars ~ Amanda Corrick


ARIES 20th March -19th April

With a New Moon early month emphasising leisure and pleasure it feels like a time to enjoy the better things that life has to offer and why not! Later in the month on going niggles will have to be addressed. These may centre around qualifications that you must acquire to move forward or travel arrangements. With Mars your ruling planet heading toward a conjunction with the planet of opportunity Saturn on the 28th new beginnings are inevitable. Tensions may mount but, new paths will be taken.

Thought for the Month ‘Out with the old and in with the new.’


TAURUS April 19th April – 20th May

A New Moon early month focuses on domestic arrangements. This is a time of possibility, breakthroughs and new ideas! Mars heading toward a conjunction with the stern planet Saturn on the 28th helps you to find ways to protect your long term interests. It also helps you to look at things differently and recognise self-destructive psychological patterns. The time is fast approaching to stop berating yourself and rather just take action in a new direction. Don’t worry if this brings about tensions.

Thought for the Month ‘Take the bull by the horns, enough is enough.’


GEMINI May 20th- June 20th

Certain relationships have been causing some discomfort. This is because others have been difficult and calling the shots. Still this month is a time when you will take some action and set your own rules and boundaries. This will happen toward the close of the month when Saturn the planet that teaches us lessons, turns direct in your opposite house of partners. Not only does this happen but Mars gives you all the fighting energy you need to push things in the right direction for you at last!

Thought for the Month ‘The darkest hour is just before the dawn.’


CANCER June 20th – July 22nd

A New Moon shines its focus early month on your finances and resources. You need to sort a few things out and chase a few people up. The good news is that Mars the planet of energy is firmly in your area of day to day activity, service and duty so you will apply yourself accordingly. Better still later in the month when tension rises with one or two particularly tricky individuals; you will find a way to turn the whole mess around to your advantage! You will put methods in place to ease the future pace.

Thought for the Month ‘Obstacles are opportunities waiting to be overcome.’


LEO July 22nd – August 22nd

This will prove to be a pivotal month for you Leo. The Sun I your own signs brings in a wave of energy as does an early month New Moon in your sign. Later in the Month A powerful conjunction in your own creative ability, love life and time spent with young people brings the promise of wonderful times. Of course this may cause some tension with others. Still now is a time for you to stand your ground with close partners you can reach agreements and find compromises that work for you.

Thought for the Month ‘Perseverance, perseverance, perseverance.’


VIRGO August 22nd – September 22nd

A New Moon and the Sun in your area of refection means you will have to revisit areas of your past early this month. Mars and both Saturn are also moving direct in your domestic area. Are there those in your family who are angry? Could things have been done differently in the past? Reflect on this now. Family like all areas of life need attention. If you do this now late month an opportunity for more balance will occur and relationships can be improved. This will be long term more fulfilling.

Thought for the month ‘Take time as time is all we have.’


LIBRA September 22nd – October 23rd

A New Moon early month draws your attention to teams and group ventures. These are things that you have had little time for because of family commitments. Still you would immensely enjoy anytime doing this so, make time for it now. Later in the month a powerful conjunction of Mars and Saturn provides you with new useful contacts and improved communications. All this will help with breakthroughs and allow you to continue with your plans and dreams at a more realistic pace.

Thought for the Month ‘Make time for yourself.’


SCORPIO October 23rd – November 21st

A New Moon early month signifies a promotion and a chance to improve your resources. This will be a big relief as for some time now life has been hard work and resources have been limited. While you have adapted admirably to the changing circumstances it has been difficult to make concrete plans. Now with Saturn and Mars having a powerful meeting on the 28th in your area of finances and self-esteem grab your chance. This may bring domestic tension but the end is worth the effort.

Thought for the Month ‘Speculate to accumulate.’


SAGITTARIUS November 21st – December 21st

Knowledge, travel and broadening horizons are all things Sagittarians enjoy. However, there has been little time for that lately. Still early month possibilities appear. Better still Mars in your sign gives you the energy to pursue possibilities. Saturn now direct in your sign shows you the way and together they set the ball rolling. You have a chance to change your future right now. Therefore, keep your eye on your goal and do not let peripheral tensions or others thoughts dissuade you.

Thought for the Month ‘The time is now.’


CAPRICORN December 22nd – January 20th

A New Moon brings into focus long-term security worries and psychological distortions. It seems you are being forced by outside circumstances to let go of self-limiting beliefs and to challenge your own personal reasoning. Mars and Saturn your ruling planet form a strong alliance on the 28th which force you to reflect and look at the past what you have learned and question its validity. Do this now, give up and let go. When you do you will see you have less than you imagine to worry about.

Thought for the Month ‘We all need some help from time to time.’


AQUARIUS January 20th – February 19th

A New Moon shows that your energy will be on close partnerships and alliances. Enjoy this early month. Later in the month your focus will turn to team and group projects which are never far from your heart. Still this is a month of change for many and restructuring. It may well be that you will not be too enamoured by others ideas of changing things. Try not to worry. It seems that for now others may have a clearer view of future potentials. Go with the flow, trust the process. Things are progressing.

Thought for the Month ‘Those who do not trust cannot often be trusted.’


PISCES February 19th – March 20th

You have been working very hard, been dutiful and of service to others for some time now. Still now Saturn the planet of opportunity plus Mars the energy planet indicates a new beginning late this month by way of a promotion or recognition. This could also be a competitive job offer from an unanticipated corner. The problem will be that there is some kind of loyalty or obligation morally expected from those in your past. The stars suggest the past will be just that so take your chances and move on.

Thought for the Month ‘You earn it when you deserve it.’


AMANDA CORRICK is presenting to the Astrology Society, South Africa next month, September 4th … Opposites, Triad Personalities.