Fail sometimes. It’s ok.

  So how about a salesperson Sally? Who looks after sales within your organisation?? Employ someone? Where am I going to get a salesperson that understands my business, Charlie? Fair comment I thought to myself, we’ve all asked the same question. I knew that Sally was a sole trader and the question from me wasContinue reading “Fail sometimes. It’s ok.”

follow up … follow up … follow up …

  ‘How is business, Ben?’ Great Charlie, had a couple of enquiries last week which sounds just about right for business. Fantastic – take a donut! What kind of work was that? Well, nothing has happened just yet, I need to follow up. Now I know many of you reading this would have been inContinue reading “follow up … follow up … follow up …”

Avoid disappointments. Give more time

Developing the relationships through networking is important it is the foundation of success. Most of us are aware of this although there comes a time when we need to step back and think: ‘Is the relationship i value really a priority for my network colleagues?’ I’ve had my own personal experiences with supposed allies, friendsContinue reading “Avoid disappointments. Give more time”

Look after your mates

    The one topic that the referral handbooks don’t cover is the question of … internal disputes. When partnerships fail and the rogue is uncovered … the apple-cart tips! As a referral partner, should I shout about it? Whisper the warnings? Maybe report the offending operator as a dud and not worthy of anyoneContinue reading “Look after your mates”