Brian D. Powell was born in York in 1932. and as a young boy, he frequently accompanied his grandfather down by the River Ouse. With Britains involvement in WW2 Brian spent many a day ‘sculling’ the (mostly) servicemen/women back and forth across the river. It was during 1944 that Brian Powell, budding artist, spent a dayContinue reading “Serendipity?”

Better together

  Bob arrived, pulled up a chair and reclined with a cup of what appeared to be hot chocolate … ‘So, what do you say, Bob? I asked.’ ~ “Getting good players is easy. Getting those good players to play together is the hard part.”  It’s so true don’t you think? A quote by CaseyContinue reading “Better together”

Mad March Networking – Alnwick

Connection, Opportunity, Leads, Contacts, Business & Referral … All of the above brought to you through SPEED Networking @ The Plough, Alnwick TUESDAY, March 8th, 2016, 12 until 6pm. Bring a smile, bring some cards, bring a friend or two … don’t need any cash for the door though – It’s FREE. IMPORTANT … Attending one ofContinue reading “Mad March Networking – Alnwick”