Make it special …

I really don’t know how to pitch the room today, Charlie.  Do as you usually do Tom, and continue the education and enlightenment. Should I tell them about the new business I’m thinking about, after all the presentation is only a couple of minutes and I’ve plenty of the regular business just now, should IContinue reading “Make it special …”

Simple vision … through words

For a good while now I’ve stuck to my three-word principle. It’s something that keeps me ‘on track.’ The three word principle is a short-cut to the plan of where I want to get to and what I need to do to be there. It’s a (much) shorter version of the business plan. Three wordsContinue reading “Simple vision … through words”

I know all that stuff.

To my mind, business is about recognising the fundamentals then creating a routine of basic processes. Talking with Ian recently (someone who has ‘in the business for a bit’) I asked him … “How they were doing with the fundamental? “I know all that stuff.” Came the reply. I “know” all that. Know. Not do…Continue reading “I know all that stuff.”