Make it special …

I really don’t know how to pitch the room today, Charlie.  Do as you usually do Tom, continue the education, enlightenment. Should I tell them about the new business I’m thinking about, after all the presentation is only a couple of minutes and I’ve plenty of main business just now, should I drop in somethingContinue reading “Make it special …”

Hey, go-to person!

So the spider tends the web, the fisherman works his net. Both are busy, setting out their wares understanding that, sooner or later they are going to find what they are looking for … Bingo! Reward for all the attentiveness and persistence required to be successful. So what is he on? I hear you askContinue reading “Hey, go-to person!”

Simple vision … through words

For a good while now I’ve stuck to my three-word principle. It’s a mind reference, something that keeps me ‘on track’ with where I want to get to and what I need to do to be there. Each word is a pointer, representing the path I need to take in achieving what I used toContinue reading “Simple vision … through words”

I know all that stuff.

To my mind, business is about recognising the fundamentals then creating a routine of basic processes. Talking with Ian recently (someone who has ‘in the business for a bit’) I asked him … “How they were doing with the fundamental? “I know all that stuff.” Came the reply. I “know” all that. Know. Not do…Continue reading “I know all that stuff.”