But, what’s in it for me?

The effective email marketing message needs to focus on the receiver and what’s in it for them … not what you have or what you offer – not even your product. It needs to be about what is in it for them. 7 secrets you should consider keeping in mind: The subject line serves asContinue reading “But, what’s in it for me?”

Cigarette saved her …

I was invited to attend a House Of Lords networking group one damp, though mild October evening. “Be there for 7pm.” I was advised by the fellow whom I was entrusted to mentor through his early networking experience. Dick was a keen networker, a little headstrong although he had at least an attitude for success.Continue reading “Cigarette saved her …”

Shut that door – the Hunter again!

Looking to nullify the effect of the inevitable “Hunter” present in your Network Forum? Here are just a few more tips from our series of … How to combat the sales-hungry ‘Matt Le-Fatt’ type… As in earlier post, Matt Le-Fatt is our fictitious ever-present shark-hunter type. A not unusual species and often seen circulating evenContinue reading “Shut that door – the Hunter again!”