Learning to dance, again

We all do our best. Most often our best allows us to overcome the challenges that come our way. With a plan we plot business success, our offer is refined as we engage our prospects. By doing our best, sticking to the plan and working smart, we’re assured of engaging our target audience as theContinue reading “Learning to dance, again”

What’s driving you?

Wednesday this week and every week … We’re back for collaboration through conversation next Wednesday (and every Wednesday.)  Learning from colleagues, familiar faces and new acquaintances. If you are looking to engage, you are welcome. Come and learn what we see as the path to growth becomes clearer … Brighter business – https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcqd-6orDMrGNWJHyanJpTyMrRkqKcmzLFE    Continue reading “What’s driving you?”

Blame the Leonids!!

With those bright spark Leonids visiting us all, we’ve been super busy, apologies from us and Leonid for the late delivery of November! We shall all try harder! x ARIES – The November 3 full moon lights up the money and material possessions in your life. Someone, or an unusual situation, could lead to an influxContinue reading “Blame the Leonids!!”

follow up … follow up … follow up …

  ‘How is business, Ben?’ Great Charlie, had a couple of enquiries last week which sounds just about right for business. Fantastic – take a donut! What kind of work was that? Well, nothing has happened just yet, I need to follow up. Now I know many of you reading this would have been inContinue reading “follow up … follow up … follow up …”

Take time for coffee

Breakfast was over, I had grabbed a coffee and was about to head toward the office when the ‘phone rang. Now the other hand was busy. On the other end of the line was Tricia. Tricia had recently started a physiotherapy business and returned from holiday with what is recognised as a seasonal ‘gripe’ –Continue reading “Take time for coffee”

Decisions, those decisions

In business as in everyday life we make choices of what purpose to pursue, whom to engage or avoid, whether to answer mail, make that call, attend the meeting, leave ‘stuff’ for another day or clear the desks. We decide whether we beat the traffic to the ‘pumps’ via the take-away or hit the supermarketContinue reading “Decisions, those decisions”

I know all that stuff.

To my mind, business is about recognising the fundamentals then creating a routine of basic processes. Talking with Ian recently (someone who has ‘in the business for a bit’) I asked him … “How they were doing with the fundamental? “I know all that stuff.” Came the reply. I “know” all that. Know. Not do…Continue reading “I know all that stuff.”