No guts, no glory …


With the return of Tim Peake safely back to Terra-firma it certainly has me wondering of the courage, commitment and faith those mortals greater than I possess.

Major Tim Peake and others like him from all nations should be congratulated whole-heartedly for their achievements through inner belief, faith, trust and selflessness.

For those with a distant memory we may recall John Glenn aboard Friendship 7 back in February 1962. The first American to circumnavigate the Earth and only the fifth man to venture into space.

After almost five hours aboard Friendship 7 John Glenn returned safely to Earth with a ‘splashdown’ in the Atlantic ocean.

John Glenn was later asked how it felt to be aboard such a craft as it sped toward it’s destination:

“As I hurtled through space, one thought kept crossing my mind … every part of this rocket was supplied by the lowest bidder.”

Grateful for touchdown I’m sure!

What lessons from John Glenn and those like him? Plenty I hear you say, humour(?) for one and perhaps something like:

* No guts, no glory? Possibly.

* Check the nuts yourself before climbing aboard? Definitely, check those tools.

* You don’t always get what you pay for?? We know that already.

Certainly there is much to consider re ‘the lesson’ although something that occurred to me and a word I find really appropriate just now is … faith. What faith these guys must have in others, their own mission and how they are to achieve that goal…

What faith in the team? What a great example of having the support of a good team around you, those who are knowledgeable, who inspire, people who instil utmost respect and trust. If each of us have access to such an asset and these values we can surely achieve just about any goal?

Faith is certainly a virture often overlooked in testing times.

For me? Well if it were me heading up into orbit … I’d definitely be checking the nuts!

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Faith beats the monkey!

Teri disappeared into the night toward her car and as I closed the door behind her I realised that the business I’m in is set up around a really simple idea… so simple I thought.

I’m in business to help others become more successful. When these people become more successful as a result of something I’ve provided, then I consider myself successful also or when the results are not quite right, I’ll try to think of other ways to help those in need.

There’s no fakery or black art required. My offer is pretty straightforward.
So how do I overcome that certain something that messes it all up?

You know, if people don’t know me well enough, they don’t BELIEVE any of my offers. That’s the problem and we each have this conundrum don’t we? We worry that at times people don’t have our best interests at heart, or we worry that some who seem genuine enough may not be quite so …

Given that most all of us worry about trust in near all avenues of life there are many, many different ways we find we’re fire fighting, dealing with the ‘monkey.’

I have faith.

I was ‘loaned’ this word from Teri before she made her way home.

You see my belief is that all people are inherently good. I believe that everyone has my best interest at heart … just the way I have his or hers. I also believe what people tell me is the absolutely truth, no question.

I have faith in the path I choose, in life and in business.

The ‘monkey’ does on occasion remind me that at some point people may cheat me. That perhaps I’m going to be lied to at some point and I’m also reminded that on occasion some may act behind my back …

I accept all of the above. It just so happens, that thanks to Teri I have faith that “people will treat me the way I treat them.”

Sure I hear you say it’s a big ask. Others may say I’m taking risks. I’ll stick with faith. Faith in accepting that everyone’s doing his or her best and that most everyone shall reciprocate what I give.

It may seem ‘risky’ to some although it beats the alternative of feeding the paranoia of whether I’m being cheated, lied to or much worse …

Have faith. Lose the monkey. Thanks Teri.