The conjurer

My offer? My business?  It’s simple. Help others put more wins on the board. When people become more successful as a by-product of something I’ve provided, that’s a win for me. When they are not so successful? I’ll try to think of other ways to help those in need. There is no trickery, it’s prettyContinue reading “The conjurer”

Faith in me

Mike and I have faith in a similar business field. I’m committed to spending my time building professional networks, I’m told that I’m good at what I do, my experience over the years has brought out the best in others and although it’s business at the sharp end, real ‘trenches stuff,’ it’s hugely satisfying. TodayContinue reading “Faith in me”

Starry, starry nights with … Amanda Corrick …

  Aries 20th March -19th April A Full Moon in your sign on the 5th will raise pertinent discussions and feelings. They may also trigger some life-changing decisions. As this month is all about exciting offers you will be well placed to make choices and welcome in but equally, cut out certain individuals. Before youContinue reading “Starry, starry nights with … Amanda Corrick …”


No guts, no glory … With the return of Tim Peake safely back to Terra-firma it certainly has me wondering of the courage, commitment and faith those mortals greater than I possess. Major Tim Peake and others like him from all nations should be congratulated whole-heartedly for their achievements through inner belief, faith, trust andContinue reading “Faith.”

Faith beats the monkey!

Teri disappeared into the night toward her car and as I closed the door behind her I realised that the business I’m in is set up around a really simple idea… so simple I thought. I’m in business to help others become more successful. When these people become more successful as a result of somethingContinue reading “Faith beats the monkey!”