Commited. Entrepreneur In or out?

Those in the Network see it daily. Some who have it and some who do not.

Building the business is not simply about ‘showing up,’ it’s more about being there to set course and follow through to destination.


There is no middle road for the commited entrepreneur, see if you recognise some of the following traits …

Those actively seeking leadership and responsibility. Many people need the comfort of following, rather than leading. Why? Because when things go wrong, it’s easier to point toward someone else. As an entrepreneur, the promises colleagues make on your behalf are your own. You need to be ready to accept that “the buck stops here” and act on the promises.

Those who exhibit surging raw ambition. Successful entrepreneurs are generally ambitious and confident in their abilities. They may have many ideas, some being more workable than others. Failure is viewed as a learning opportunity, so it’s no real disaster that some of these ideas don’t actually make the starting line first time ’round.

Minimum positive feedback required!  Yes, it’s lonely at the top. If your psyche is one that needs regular plaudits and the corresponding reward to stay motivated, you need to find a real job rather than an entrepreneurial one.

Social life is not top of the list. Unable to clear your head after a day at the front line? That’s commited. Social relationships are important sure, and you need to switch off from time to time, but if social is your priority, then you probably won’t enjoy the ride as entrepreneur.

Being comfortable with out of hours working. Some of us, perhaps those with family to support, or simply in need of peace of mind require a predictable lifestyle. Entrepreneurs learn to be flexible, they anticipate longer working hours. If you are dismayed rather than exhilarated at the amount of attention required to consolidate the business, you may be involved but not commited.

Holidays just get in the way. Most entrepreneurs I know can’t remember the last time they had a “proper” holiday (without bringing their work along.) OK, this may not appear healthy to some but it illustrates the level of commitment required to compete, to ‘exist’ in the marketplace. Those insistent on holidays “without checking in,” need go and work for a big company offering the holiday loading.

Ever thought about retirement? Surely most people involved with startups work hard, but are they simply looking toward retirement? Not so the commited entrepreneur, they wouldn’t think of retiring, even if they’ve made a fortune from the current project. The true entrepreneur enjoys the business too much to put the feet up and can’t wait to start their next venture!

Next time you meet someone with the urge to chuck the ‘day job,’ to live the dream of being their own boss, offer them a selection (or all) of the above points. See how commited they really are … before they take the leap of faith.


No guts, no glory …


With the return of Tim Peake safely back to Terra-firma it certainly has me wondering of the courage, commitment and faith those mortals greater than I possess.

Major Tim Peake and others like him from all nations should be congratulated whole-heartedly for their achievements through inner belief, faith, trust and selflessness.

For those with a distant memory we may recall John Glenn aboard Friendship 7 back in February 1962. The first American to circumnavigate the Earth and only the fifth man to venture into space.

After almost five hours aboard Friendship 7 John Glenn returned safely to Earth with a ‘splashdown’ in the Atlantic ocean.

John Glenn was later asked how it felt to be aboard such a craft as it sped toward it’s destination:

“As I hurtled through space, one thought kept crossing my mind … every part of this rocket was supplied by the lowest bidder.”

Grateful for touchdown I’m sure!

What lessons from John Glenn and those like him? Plenty I hear you say, humour(?) for one and perhaps something like:

* No guts, no glory? Possibly.

* Check the nuts yourself before climbing aboard? Definitely, check those tools.

* You don’t always get what you pay for?? We know that already.

Certainly there is much to consider re ‘the lesson’ although something that occurred to me and a word I find really appropriate just now is … faith. What faith these guys must have in others, their own mission and how they are to achieve that goal…

What faith in the team? What a great example of having the support of a good team around you, those who are knowledgeable, who inspire, people who instil utmost respect and trust. If each of us have access to such an asset and these values we can surely achieve just about any goal?

Faith is certainly a virture often overlooked in testing times.

For me? Well if it were me heading up into orbit … I’d definitely be checking the nuts!

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