GO! is the trading name of me, Charlie Kenny. I help people with their personal story, their legacy … The Memoir.


How?  By listening. I’ve spent my working life in publishing, I know the industry and value my people, my connections enormously.

Trusted colleagues bring the referrals that are so important for business. This is how networking has helped me over the years. Introduction, trust, recommendation.

If your story matters and you feel you are at a stage where you need help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. A conversation costs nothing and all the ‘help’ you need may be simply a chat.

You are welcome to leave a message on the blog at the foot of this page if you wish to know more.

Alternatively speak with Charlie Kenny on:

01665 577084

Or leave a message on the mobile … 07804 038570

Email   or

Networking?  If you’re based nearby and enjoy meeting people … why not arrange to visit the local network …

The Weekly Business@

Networking Northumberland without the fees: 

ALNMOUTH. Tuesday morning 7.15-9 am. Meeting at Alnmouth Golf Club, NE66 3LB. Venue fee includes breakfast. Weekly Business at Foxton Hall, Alnmouth.  

MORPETH.  Wednesday @ Longhirst Hall 12.15 until 2 pm.

ALNWICK. Thursday morning 7.15 – 9 am. Meeting @Alnwick Art & Craft and also on occasion at Alnwick Gardens. The only cost is breakfast. This is a fortnightly, town-centre referral group.

not forgetting Berwick!

Friday afternoon (12.15 – 2 pm.) YHA Berwick Granary, Berwick Upon-Tweed, Northumberland, TD15 1HJ. The £5 fee covers the room hire and light refreshments. A fortnightly meeting right by the river Tweed.

‘people buy from people’

Great ideas to go with the business!

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