What we do


People are the key …

We believe that people are the key to getting each of us to where we want to be with the simple time-honoured practice of getting together and networking. By working at developed relationships, trading on trust and integrity through understanding, we can all play a major part in the development of better business.

GO! Publicity.me

Some of the individual projects our clients ask us to undertake are

  • Author support. Self-published print and e-book titles
  • Personal publicity, social and web strategy
  • Development of individual unique selling points (USP’s)
  • Sales, publicity and networking (training and support)
  • Print Management
  • Personal and strategic support for performance artists
  • Publicity and promotion for your shop window

Understanding GO!

It’s not that difficult to understand we need to concentrate on the fundamentals. It’s about what you do, how you work and why you do it. The same as you need to get to know us … to find out how we can help.

In short, we need to establish dialogue. We shall discuss the process of your project or your business and suggest where we may be able to specifically help. It may be simply that the ‘routine’ needs an overhaul. Through product analysis and comparisons to the marketplace we’ll find out where you and your competitors are positioned and discuss with you ways of implementation and moving forward.

From the way you engage your audience, or how your business responds to enquiries and maintains those important service levels, ultimately we’ll realise how effective your audience retention is … we’ll get together and ask questions.
Once we understand where you wish to be in the marketplace and perhaps why you have not already arrived yet we shall prepare a transparent and practical representation of what we intend to do together, how it will happen and why …


  you won’t find out unless you GO!