It’s not unusual to reflect, given the season … I find it helpful to take some time to the positives. Particularly those ‘small things’ that sometimes get lost in all the “busyness.”

Generally, 2021 was a good year. Of course, there are many reasons things went well, not all being related to something I did or any action I took and I do need to thank Rob Hatch for the following advice …

One thing I did consistently this year, having the most significant impact was that … I left room. Essentially, I gave myself more time between my work.

One simple example was scheduling time on either side of a meeting. Instead of a one-hour meeting or 121, I blocked off an hour and a half on my calendar.

This wasn’t because I expected I would run over. It was simply that I wanted to make time beforehand to arrive in the right frame of mind. I gave myself time afterward to process or take notes before jumping into the next thing.

The same was applied at the beginning and end of my day and also how I looked at projects as well. I allowed time for the unexpected … or family …

A luxury? Perhaps, although I came to realize how much more focused and effective I was when it mattered.

Enjoy the season, and don’t forget to leave a little room during 2022.

Published by charlie kenny

I love the coast and in particular, the area in which I live, the North East of England. It's an uncomplicated life, for the past ten years I've been away from the 'big smoke' and I consider the decision to relocate my business to the country has been the best move of my career. I write and have a lifetime of experience in publishing and personal development, I consider myself a specialist in helping my clients with memoirs - that could be a biography, or simply bringing a diary to life. I tend not to advertise my business, word of mouth has always been kind so it's no surprise that I do spend a couple of days per week networking. Peer collaboration can be very rewarding. Therefore if you'd like to join me any Wednesday midday or Thursday morning coffee, please get in touch, I'd love to meet you and perhaps help in any way possible. Thank you for stopping by the website. engage, develop, grow ... with Go!

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