The positive, and where to find it.


a desirable or constructive quality or attribute.

               “take your weaknesses and translate them into positives”

It’s easy to be influenced by all that mainstream media brings to the doorstep, good and bad (sad), all of this conspires to influence our own thinking and in some instances, our well-being.

These days I tend not to read the papers or listen to the general ‘feed’ that has become ‘news.’ Sure, I look, observe and understand although I believe if we were all influenced and conditioned by what our popular media feed us, the majority (not all of us) would be permanently down-beat, negative and there would develop a popular culture the paranoia and despondency in our daily life. Who needs it?

Positivity for me has become a lifestyle, out of the current cycle of uncertainty (I believe in the cycles of life) I’ve grown to understand that people truly need positive vibes, they help us flourish, we gravitate to our inspiration and we are empowered to personal fulfillment by interaction with those who have a like-minded disposition.

My personal networks offer fabulous opportunities for inspiration, people buy from people, find the negatives in people, discover the positive and you will find that, in turn you will be rewarded.

Happy New Year!