Simple vision … through words

For a good while now I’ve stuck to my three-word principle.

It’s a mind reference, something that keeps me ‘on track’ with where I want to get to and what I need to do to be there. Each word is a pointer, representing the path I need to take in achieving what I used to refer to – in the old days – as my goal … or more specifically at this time of year, and as with many other people, my resolution.

I have never been very successful with making resolutions or ‘wish lists,’ in fact with all good intentions the resolution has usually petered-out after just a couple of weeks into the New Year.

I’ve found that the three words I’m stuck with right now – “engage, develop, grow” are comfortable for me. I recall these words on a regular basis when I seek inner clarification of what it is I am pursuing and a benchmark in fact, for how I’m doing.

What would your three words be if you were looking for a reference, a pointer – a compass – to help keep you on track? “Build the business” Perhaps, maybe, although why waste a word by using ‘the?’

Try it.

I’m sticking with my own compass points for now – they help me. Try three words you can use as an easy reference, a benchmark, and a directional signpost that together, offer vision and ease you along the way J