This may just save you grief.

I’ve always believed networking brought people together for the opportunity of growing through understanding of what their needs are, with perhaps the bonus smile, some great company and the opportunity for referral somewhere ‘down the line.’ Working hard to gain trust with others and understanding that important relationships will ultimately see partnerships and mutual respectContinue reading “This may just save you grief.”

Cigarette saved her …

I was invited to attend a House Of Lords networking group one damp, though mild October evening. “Be there for 7pm.” I was advised by the fellow whom I was entrusted to mentor through his early networking experience. Dick was a keen networker, a little headstrong although he had at least an attitude for success.Continue reading “Cigarette saved her …”

Business? Come and meet the people.

You’ll find plenty to think over at Foxton Hall, Alnmouth on the 23rd September. Foxton is a lovely Golf Club, hosting our Weeklybiz Trade Fair, 11-4pm Tuesday morn., right after our networking group subsides … There’s plenty to come and see … FREE entry, seminars from learned people in the business of developing their personalContinue reading “Business? Come and meet the people.”